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  1. Um, no, it's not. A Soviet colonel could not make a change on the fly to a plan from higher command, could not even make a plan without higher command's approval. American NCOs can and do readily do both, in the field, and are often commended for it.
  2. So... your assertion is... what, exactly? That I don't know anything? Or that you know more than me? Either stance takes a certain amount of arrogance. But that seems to be overly present on this forum, I've noticed. EDIT: Oh, look, a wild unclassified document on the ISA appeared, with an organizational chart! Or, rather, it didn't and I dig for shit like this all the time because it's one of my hobbies. But, hey, I don't know anything, right?
  3. Mindsculptor

    SOC WIP Thread

    Hyperspectral imaging is the use of multiple light spectrums to produce an image. For example, combining low light illumination, IR, and UV into a single image. There was some mention that the NVGs that DEVGRU used during Neptune Spear were of that type. Picture from a hyperspectral imager tuned to visual and LWIR. But you guys want to be smart asses when I was just trying to be helpful, so whatever.
  4. If you want an original service rifle, take a look at the bullpup version of the Polish MSBS rifle. The reason I suggest it is because it looks a little like a mix of the FAMAS, AUG, and L85. As for tanks, take a look around devianart, there are tons of fictional German tanks. Rheinmetal already supplies all the guns for the major Euro MBTs anyway, so it's a safe bet a unified Euro army would go German for its armor. ---------- Post added at 21:28 ---------- Previous post was at 21:26 ---------- Not so much tactical agility as the ability for units at the tactical level to make independent decisions. There's an old quip from the Cold War than an American sergeant has more power than a Soviet colonel.
  5. Mindsculptor

    SOC WIP Thread

    If this is the 2030s, shouldn't hyperspectral goggles like those that DEVGRU used be standard issue? Line units already have the biometrics tools that they used to ID muj in A-stan.
  6. Er... happy to give you a laugh? And I'm in my 20s.
  7. Just some naming gripes, because I've been an anal retentive military geek of late. 1) The Rangers in the light armor should be called Recon Rangers, not DA. The Rangers are a DA unit at their core, however the Rangers do possess a few highly specialized units. One, or rather three, of them are the Regimental Reconnaisance Datachments. They're so good at their job that they were invited into the JSOC fold early into GWOT because of the eyes work they did for ACE and DEVGRU. 2) It's never been called Delta. When the concept for a national counter-terrorism unit was pushed forward and suggested to be placed under the aegis of the SFGs, it was tentatively called 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment - Delta. Alpha, Beta. etc are administrative designations for SF units to denote how high up the chain they are. Alpha being the basic 12-man platoon, Beta being a 12-man company C4i element, etc. Thus, Delta was used to suggest an added layer of bureaucracy. It was pointed out that such a thing wasn't smart for a black element of the white side special ops community, so SOCOM used a series of ever changing names. The most famous, and my favorite, is the Combat Applications Group, but right now they're called the Army Compartmented Element. Also, like the other two, they're a DA unit at core, but they have a really unique organizational structure. 3) The SF guys in civvie gear should really be a seperate unit. Call them ISA, Contra Spike, Gray Fox, Royal Cape, Grantor Shadow, TF Orange, etc. Hell, invent a name, but they're the super spies of JSOC. Their main focus is ELINT and HUMINT, but they have a very small DA component to follow up on intel they generate and they're every bit as good as the ACE guys and even in SOCOM they carry aura of the mountain squirell ninja. Oh, and a gear nit. The military doesn't use black gear, at least not anymore. The only people who do that are mil-simmers without the money to buy real gear. If you want visual distinction, put ACE in US4CES (they've been using Guy Cramer's camo on their own for a long time to avoid immediate ID as an American unit), put the Rangers in Kryptek, and keep the SEALs in AOR.