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  1. Tanks for your response,

    you get it right but if i load a standart zeus mission it gives me an couple of ingame and server console error message and then i kicked back to the missions screen, i copied the messages:


    Creation of object B Alpha 2-1:3 failed, state LOGGED IN

    Ref to nonnetwork object ccab8c00# 1815369: dummyweapon.p3d

    Ref to nonnetwork object ccab8c00# 1815370: dummyweapon.p3d

    ingame: No Entry 'config.bin/CfgVehicles/ModuleCurator_F/Arguments/Addons/Values/All.default'.

    with best regards


  2. Hello,

    i set up a Arma 3 linux server (Linux Debian 7.6) i had no problems arma 3 and the mods are working only zeus does it not becuase and i dont know how to activate it on the server i searched in the BI forum and with google but no one had a how to so have anyone a clue how to activate zeus on the server?

    Thanks for any help

    with bist regards


  3. Yep the Air Force mod is great thanks to Fuller and the whole team.

    And i am proud that u as an Air Force bro work on it.

    And yeah i am still in the Air Force returned yesterday to Travis after a flight with a C17 (still missing my good old C5 xD)

    So keep on your awesome work and yeah i would like to thank all of you who served in past, present and future.

  4. Hello Guys

    i found two bugs may you can help me

    First if i drive a Tank it stuck at invisible walls an the tanks can´t drive over a kerbstone the stone goes through the chains.

    my second bug is when i placed bots in a mp mission and put this in the init line: [this,"GUARD", "FULL"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim; they disappear if a second player connected.

    i let steam checking the files 4 times now but it was all ok

    Thanks for any help.