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  1. No idea. HAL is single player? You could solve group initialization issues by: Delaying the cache script start on mission start by lets say 2 minutes. Open main.sqf and on line 23 (after 'zbe_centerPOS = [zbe_mapside, zbe_mapside, 0];') add: waitUntil {sleep 1; time > 120}; Or you can disable caching for certain groups by adding: (group this) setVariable ["zbe_cacheDisabled", true]; to the group leader init.
  2. whiztler

    Mission Performance

    Indeed. Also in A3, trigger conditions are evaluated every 0.5 seconds
  3. Alternatively, you can add the getIn eventHandler. More efficient than adding actions/triggers to all vehicles IMHO. For players leaving the vehicle, use the getOut eventhandler.
  4. Error no vehicle should represent the entity that is reporting. If testing locally (e.g. editor) the players name would appear there.. If you want to disble caching for objects/units than use: XXXX setVariable ["zbe_cacheDisabled", true];
  5. You had a bracket mismatch. I suggest you enble -showScripterrors and use an editor that enables you to tracks you (closing) brackets: chk_dead = { { _playerCount = 0; _downCount = 0; if (isPlayer _x) then { _playerCount = _playerCount +1; if (_x getVariable "btc_qr_unc") then { _downCount = _downCount +1; sleep 1 }; }; } forEach units SealTeam; if (_downCount == _playerCount) then { ENDFAILED2 = true }; [] spawn { while {true} do { sleep 10; [] spawn chk_dead; }; }; }; Also, when checking a variable, it is wise to define a default value: if (_x getVariable ["btc_qr_unc", true]) then {
  6. All I can think off is there is a typo/bug in your function that causes dedi to throw an error. I have had errors in functions as well that did not show up in the RPT. I suggest you comment out your entire function except for the first few lines and then test. Each time it runs you un-comment a few lines till you find the culprit. Works for me every time. Add a debug diag_log/hint line at the end of the test block:
  7. Can you post the function please
  8. "nameOfMarker" instead of nameOfMarker?
  9. WHat is the point of a sound when using it for AI's jumping at 2000? Just wondering...
  10. whiztler

    getVariable penformance

    Why don't you check it out yourself? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Code_Optimisation http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-code-performance/
  11. I tried it for MP a while back. The whole set of team commands didn't work for me. I have the feeling they are more intended for SP
  12. Will give this a go. Perhaps add some information what your findings are compared to BIS pathfinding.
  13. Try this: name the desk 'objDesk'. In the init of the object that needs to go on the desk put: this attachTo [objDesk, [0, 0, 0.72] ]; this setVectorDirAndUp [[1,0,0],[0,0,0.72]]; Leave the settings of the object that needs to be placed on the desk as default (no altitude, no special, etc) If you need to place more objects on the desk than you need to change the offset. See attachTo for more info
  14. 1. Put in the init of the object: this allowDamage false; 2. You have them in your mission but players are not allowed to use them? You can lock the vehicle in the editor. Also has an option to lock for just players so that AI can still use the vehicle. 3. AA units should fire with AA missiles. Note that it does take a few seconds to get a proper lock. Perhaps they cannot lock on target? 4. I would fake it. At the re-supply waypoint, in the waypoint statements: this setFuel 1; this setVehicleAmmo 1; 5. Should work fine
  15. To execute a script use execVM: nul = execVM "airspawn.sqf"; Enable showScriptErrors in your ARMA3 start-up params for better debugging. And check the session RPT file. More info on debugging
  16. Fixed a typo in the private
  17. Aeroson's repetitive_cleanup works well, cost effective. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/153481-repetitive-cleanup/
  18. Try this if (var_kills == 1) then { private ["_f", "_send"]; _f = format ["%1", name player]; _send = _f; [_send] remoteExec ["hint", -2]; };
  19. Vehicle caching is different from group/unit caching. E.g. a squad in a truck does get cached if it falls within the configured params. The groups minus the group leader gets cached. Same with vehicles. Drivers AND group leaders do not get cached, rest of the crew/group is cached. Empty vehicles, when cached, have their simulation disabled. Otherwise nothing changes. The vehicle is visible and all vehicle inits remain. I have no idea what you mean with missionside. Note, that I only work with the scrtipt version of ZBE_chaching, although I presume there is no difference between the mod version and script version
  20. If the generators are part of the map, I suggest you use the newly introduced command nearestTerrainObjects. It is not on the BIKI yet: Test it by placing a marker on the generator and execute: _toDestroy = nearestTerrainObjects [getMarkerPos "mGen", ["house"], 1.5]; This will return an array. The object is _this select 0; P.s. to paste SQF on the forum, use the <> (code) button
  21. By default the script checks every 15 seconds for caching/uncaching. To increase or decrease open 'main.sqf' and change line 26 to sleep XX; Where xx is the number of seconds you want the cycle to pause.
  22. Avoid using MP, use remoteExec instead. Much faster.
  23. whiztler


    Try this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/goggles
  24. Have you tried createVehicleCrew? createVehicleCrew myBoat;