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    [MP CO37 Campaign] Two Sierra

    Thanks for the report. Will be fixed in next release.
  2. whiztler

    [MP CO37 Campaign] Two Sierra

    Tour 3 released! Campaign updated to v.1.02. Changelog: Two Sierra v. 1.02 - Tour 3 released 4 new missions + warmup mission. - Fixed: Vehicle loadout. - Fixed: CAS support. Pilots now RTB as ordered. - Fixed: various bugs. Thanks for reporting! - Added: Additional debug and performance reporting. - Added: Additional command frago/information. - Updated: Patrol and Garrison functions. Increased rooftop placements - Updated: MOTS. Test script performance. - Updated: Warmup mission spawn occurance. - Updated: Mission balance on all missions. - Updated: ADF Framework 1.43 applied. - Updated: Briefings and Forum Media files - Updated: Two Sierra website: 2sierra.com Planned for next release (ADF 2.00): - Automatic Mission balancer: Opfor numbers based on joined players so that small group communites and play the missions as well - Automatic detection and application of RHC, CUP, HLC. When an addon is detected the mission will automatically apply loadout / vehicles for both players and AI's. Can be configured/overriden in mission params.
  3. Why are you calling it a fix? You give the intention the vanilla radar hud is broken. Not getting this addon....
  4. use: XXXX setVariable ["zbe_cacheDisabled", true];
  5. Mate with all respect, to drop a mission with tons of scripts in the mission root... Perhaps you could give some pointers on how the HC's init and how the HC's manage AI's?
  6. What is the desired end result?
  7. You can run it client(HC0 side and then remoteExec or PVServer the results to the server.
  8. In your HC script you could populate an array with all slotted HC's: if (player in (entities "HeadlessClient_F")) then { HC_array pushBackUnique name player; }; Don't forget to init the array first
  9. if (count (entities "HeadlessClient_F") > 0) then { // HC is active };
  10. Try this: {alive _x} count (allPlayers - entities "HeadlessClient_F");
  11. Do you have in the condition: this showSciptErrors enabled? Did you check the RPT log? Try some debugging, in the onActivation enter: hint "Trigger fired up"; That way you'll know if your trigger is working correctly. Then go through the script(s)...
  12. whiztler

    Make Ai stay inside Hooked car

    this enableSimulationGlobal false
  13. Give this a try: {_cities = _cities - _x} forEach _exclusions;
  14. The BIKI explains is very well: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/isEqualTo
  15. Alternatively, if you want the helicopter with its engine running while waiting, instead of this setFuel 0 you can use: this flyInHeight 0; When all units are onboard: this flyInHeight 100; // or whatever altitude in meters you wish.
  16. whiztler

    Stop Side changing ?

    You're right KK. Updated my OP. Code could probably be more efficient but it should work now.
  17. The group should keep their directives, but I never work with editor placed units, so you'll need to do a quick test yourself.
  18. Interested to see what the performance gain is re objects with enableSimulation(Global) set to false vs createObject
  19. Give hideObjectGlobal a try
  20. whiztler

    Custom Map Objects Lagging Server

    Are we talking hundreds of objects? You can disable simulation for each object. FInd: _object setPosATL _pos; and resplace with: _object setPosATL _pos; _object enableSimulationGlobal false;
  21. whiztler

    Stop Side changing ?

    Top of my head, untested: initServer.sqf connPlayerArr = []; playersArr = []; initPlayerServer.sqf params ["_p", "_jip"]; private _pName = name _p; private _checkSide = [_pName, side _p]; if !(_pName in playersArr) then { // First time connection, lets add the player to the arrays playersArr pushBack _pName; connPlayerArr pushBack _checkSide; //hint format ["%1 is not in playersArr.\n\nAdded %1 to playersArr.\n\nAdded %2 to connPlayerArr.", _pName, _checkSide]; // debug } else { // Return player private _i = playersArr find _pName; // get the index private _side = connPlayerArr select _i select 1; //hint format ["%1 is a return player.\n\nplayerArr index: %2\n\nOld side: %3.\n\nNew side: %4", _pName, _i, _side, side _p]; // debug // Check if he switched sides if (side _p != _side) then { // Player switched sides. Code goes here.... } else { // Player did not switch sides. (format ["Welcome back %1", name _p]) remoteExec ["hint", _p, false]; }; };
  22. Using static object ID's is not preferred (anymore). There is a dedicated command for map objects: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/nearestTerrainObjects
  23. No idea. HAL is single player? You could solve group initialization issues by: Delaying the cache script start on mission start by lets say 2 minutes. Open main.sqf and on line 23 (after 'zbe_centerPOS = [zbe_mapside, zbe_mapside, 0];') add: waitUntil {sleep 1; time > 120}; Or you can disable caching for certain groups by adding: (group this) setVariable ["zbe_cacheDisabled", true]; to the group leader init.
  24. whiztler

    Mission Performance

    Indeed. Also in A3, trigger conditions are evaluated every 0.5 seconds