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  1. The usual with Arma 2 I guess, they can spot me from far away through jungle and generally shoot like guided missiles :638: but I've managed to lower the AI precision in my arma2oa profile to 25, it had somehow reset itself to 99.9... I think it was after installing the mod. I have noticed that on some maps the AI don't see through the bushes as well as others, which helps. I'd love some kind of userconfig where you can tweak the various skill values for the units, based on classes or something, similar to what ASR AI provides for the units it supports. Thanks I'll try those values when I get a chance, I'm currently running the enemy on skill 1.0. Btw exactly what version of Arma 2 is recommended for this mod? I'm running CO patched to 1.62~. Is this what 2.5 was made for? I'm using the standard Unsung shortcut so it's loading arma2oa.exe and not the beta, but I have the latest beta installed as well. I'm also asking because I've had a few glitches, mainly on the Operation Warning Scenario where I loaded my saved game after having visited the village, my team command ability was replaced by some sort of global command where I could control the other 3 BluFor groups that landed at the LZ, I could just tell them where to go, they appeared as 3 blue boxes representing their groups and I could see them on the map as blue boxes, enemy they spotted would also appear in smaller red boxed markers. This seems like some kind script or module that ran but I could not get out of it. Even the choppers appeared the same way on the map. Sorry if it sounds noobish, it may be something well known or maybe it was supposed to be like that, just odd how it appeared and only after loading the save. I'm kind of new to Arma 2 but not new to BIS games, played Operation Flahspoint and Arma 1 plenty in their hay day. Thanks for any help/advice. Cheers
  2. Are there any plans to tweak/mod the AI for this? I'm struggling to stay alive against the Vietcong in v2.5, it's a bit frustrating... :pistols: Great mod nonetheless, some wickid jungle and units! The SF guys really remind me of Vietcong (the game).