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    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Dwarden why u no work on SP binary ... I tried playing with the affinity settings, I notice in my windows that core 4 (3) is actually being used the most (when out of game). Start game, alt-tab out and set core 1 (0) or 4 (3) off but my FPS slightly decreases. Arma 3 by default uses core 1 (0) the most for me.
  2. Is this normal? The Allocator pointing to tbb4malloc_bi.dll even though I set it to tbbmalloc in my startup params? Here's the log... ===================================================================== == C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3.exe == "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3.exe" -nosplash -skipintro -nologs -cpuCount=4 -exThreads=7 -malloc=tbbmalloc Exe timestamp: 2014/01/21 20:06:23 Current time: 2014/01/24 12:18:30 Type: Public Branch: Stable Version: 1.10.114486 Allocator: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\dll\tbb4malloc_bi.dll ===================================================================== AppId parsing successful. Using appId=107410 Entering off-line mode. Callbacks and content list updates will not work.
  3. LowFlyZone

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    How do make the game use another core as the primary one?
  4. LowFlyZone

    when all 3 episodes are released...then what

    I just want the game to rape my CPU, GPU and RAM for all it's worth before giving up on my framez. Not drop my CPU and GPU usage when a wild AI unit appears lolzor. :pet6: I'd honestly buy Arma 3 again (donate) if they added some decent performance enhancements, such a good platform but it refuses to scale, making it another corridor shooter (scale wise)... Although if you want thousands of units on the map the only feasable way (optimized engine or not) is unit caching, like the Alive modules.
  5. LowFlyZone

    Starting the scouting missions in Adapt

    Ok I think it's safe to say the ammo (ddn't loot any weapons to test) does appear in the crate(s), I saw stuff in the ammo crate at Gori that I know wasn't there before, judging by the sheer number of items and the crate was full. So not everything could make it into the crate. I lost some needed ammo like my ABR 7.62 mags but other stuff was saved. I also looked at the support crate and found the extra attachments I had looted. So I can confirm it works, limited by the crate capacity.
  6. LowFlyZone

    Starting the scouting missions in Adapt

    Are you freaking serious? I need to go check this then. I did 3 of the sidemissions yesterday (ones from the second camp), I drove back to base in the pickup I stole from the weapons dealers (after it was filled to the brim with ammo and explosives) and when I got to the base the game loaded and my truck was gone. So I threw out my toys and quit the campaign because you know, all that recon for nothing! :rolleyes:
  7. LowFlyZone

    ArmA 2 C-130J and MV-22 Redux

    This looks awesome, hope the landing gear is rugged so it can take off and land on those dirt strips on Altis ;)
  8. LowFlyZone

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    It's not helping during these missions on Altis, actually just tried it. I know Statis is a much smaller map so it runs much faster but I don't get why my average CPU & GPU usage is lower on Altis but only my memory usage is higher??? On Stratis my average CPU usage seems around 10-15% higher (based on overall CPU usage value out of the 4 cores) and my GPU is maxing out, on Altis my GPU will not easily go higher than 70%. It's completely backwards and seems to be the reason why I'm struggling more with those missions on Altis, without that much AI or that much going on, if anything at all, similar results in the editor with Altis empty. I always play with vsync off, if I could I would even remove it out of the source code of any drivers and the game! ;) In a nutshell, all I can conclude is that higher RAM usage (Altis) = lower CPU & especially GPU usage = lower FPS ---------- Post added at 18:08 ---------- Previous post was at 18:05 ---------- I actually feel like making a video with my overlays showing so people can see it, it makes no sense to me. Only thing holding me back is the effects of the recording on FPS as well as my stone-age internet.
  9. LowFlyZone

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Ok I'm slightly pissed off right now. I decided to install MSI Afterburner for the OSD Server and then HWiNFO64 to monitor my ram usage, cpu clock and usage on each core as well as graphics card usage and clocks, even my HDD usage. My main specs are: Intel Core i5 4570 @ 3.2Ghz (turbo's to ~3.4/3.5) in game. AMD Radeon 7870 2GB PowerColor OC Edition 8GB G.Skill memory I put myself in the editor on Stratis and my GPU usage goes sky high almost max and atleast 75-80% at times, CPU usage is around 60 - 35 - 55 - 50 (numbers like that across the 4 cores, one core always atleast 10-15% higher and another core very low with 2 in the middle). My FPS was hovering around 40-50. Go on Altis and do the Altis benchmark and play a mission off steam workshop and in both cases my GPU usage is around 50-60% and my CPU the same as above, the benchmark gives me an average FPS of 39-40 but actually playing I get around 15-30 fps, sometimes it spikes to 40 in some directions with little details nearby and/or combined with zoom. I can't tell if I have a bottleneck or not and it feels like my GPU stretches itself more on Stratis. Also, as it is now, my RAM usage is at 2GB, play the game, such as the short SP mission or the benchmark and it's at 4 - 4.1 GB, so that's 2GB memory usage but I guess over time this will increase. It's the first time I've actually done tests, I just put up with the stutters before but it felt like the game was running ok I guess, expected worse before I got the game. I was also dumb enough to believe the FPS in the Video options menu without realising the game is paused so my FPS would be inflated to around 40 even in bad areas of a mission/map. :pet6: Also changing most graphics options makes little to no difference to my fps in these bottlenecked situations. Even when things are smooth because the map is empty I get little benefit from lets say turning AA off instead of 2x with Atoc. Biggest difference is view distance and currently I play at 4km with 2km object distance. I refuse to go lower and dont even see the point because it makes almost no difference when my fps is at 15-30. Going higher than 5km for sure negatively affects the game for me. I think I need to pull out my game backup from before the new patch and run the same tests for interest sake. This game is really like a damn baby that refuses to eat and just spits out it's porridge. (resource utilization-wise)
  10. Have you tried exiting steam? Maybe it's buggy :rolleyes: Download a program like Process Hacker 2 or Process Explorer (free programs) and try to determine what is using resources, could be some IO load somewhere from something.
  11. LowFlyZone

    Arma 3 black squares.

    What are your computer specs, OS and driver versions? Seems like a driver issue tho.
  12. I was afraid to update my game yesterday because I knew bCombat would get broken and I just started using it to replace TPW. In the meantime I'll use the adapt campaign to keep me busy. Mod seemed really cool and effective the little bit I got to play with it but does anyone know of any issue with this and using scripts such a UPSMON with patrols in missions? UPSMON has it's own AI improvements such as using smoke, flanking and cover as well as that radio range system to connect groups together for backup. Just wondering if the scripts could conflict? I did one little test on the semi-sandbox recon type mission I'm making and ddn't notice anything too weird, it was a short test where I was a sniper and the 3 groups of 2-3 man AI patrols (2-400m away) managed to hunt me down so I know UPSMON was somewhat working atleast. This was before the new BIS update tho, too scared to even continue the mission now because UPSMON being a core part of the mission is probably broken as well
  13. LowFlyZone

    Limit AI Respawns with respawn "base"

    Have you managed to work this out? How do you want them to respawn? At a specific location or near the player each time? I can try writing a small script for you sometime tommorrow, I may actually need something similar to this for a future mission I have planned.
  14. Just discovered this last night, works quite well so far, thank you very much! My first time using voice commands in Arma, always wanted to and when I saw this it looked the most simple, at least for the basic commands and commands I never use because trying to find the buttons is a pain while in combat! I got it to work a few minutes after I realised my mic wasn't the default comm device in windows anymore, boosted the mic input so I don't have to talk too loud and it mostly works well, it helps to train MS Speech and learn to talk into the mic properly! I get about 90% of stuff right the first time now. Looking forward to the updates with the team select and movement fixes! :cool: I'm no longer scared to command a squad, they used to just follow me around and die, but no more!!! 1, 4 Flank Left! 2 Supressing fire! :coop:
  15. LowFlyZone

    A-10C for Arma 3

    Aah looking forward to this! There's nothing like the sound of an A-10 on a straffing run above your head! :cool: Hope the cannon sound is as rediculous as in real life. All in all good work! :notworthy:
  16. LowFlyZone

    Damage system sucks - fix needed

    I find myself avoiding firefights as much as possible unless I know it's something like 1 vs 1 where I might stand a chance. Just yesterday I got frustrated trying to finish the last campaign mission 3 weeks after starting the campaign. I was playing with TPW supression as I usually do (unless multiplayer ofcoz) which helps under heavy fire fights but jesus, 3 times I still got killed by an AAF who would turn around, smack himself on the ground and shoot me in the head all in one go, after I had already fired about 8-9 rounds at him from ~80m away in prone position! Needless to say I'm still not done with the campaign because I gave up between the random mortar fire and the paratroopers who would kill me 1 shot behind my bush/tree while I emtpy my clips. My latest tactics (in my own little scenarios or Alive gameplay) is to use grenade launchers, AT, sniper rifles and vehicles to cut up infantry. I stay away from standard rifles and have never used a pistol in this game, I always dump it and replace it for more primary ammo. My aiming is usually good (experienced OFP/Arma player) and I must say that this game has the most frustrating shooting/damage mechanics of any Arma game to date. I much prefer the 1-3 shot kills and almost instant death of previous titles. The stakes were higher but if you played right it was waay more fun. 1-2 shot die, 1-2 shot kill, I knew this and could act smart. In Arma 3 no matter what I do, wait behind cover, take my time, sneak or run and gun, I WILL die and want to merge my head with my keyboard! :banghead: The aiming mechanics in Ofp/Arma/Arma 2 were too rigid but in Arma 3 it's too fluffy, mouse laggy, blood vessel pahpin', special olympic gay! :31: I feel a little too much gameyness in Arma 3. :party: Don't get me wrong, I do often enjoy this game but most of that is thanks to the modding community, occasional online play as well as the new graphics and vehicle handling!
  17. I have a few Q's... 1) I guess that high command is pretty much out of the question because of the unit spawning but are there any plans to allow some sort of high command ability to Alive where the player can determine what Opcom does, like where to assault and reinforce on the map? If it's even possible! :icon_wink: 2) How does the HQ creation work in Alive? Is it tangable like a base or virtual? I see the option in the Opcom module but always have it enabled to create an HQ. What happens when you destroy it if it's real? 3) Is there any way to execute a script or something when the player completes an objective / task given by Alive? 4) Also, is there a way to count the number of kills a player has while using Alive? I ask because I'm not sure adding a killed event handler to Alive units can work, thousands of units most of which aren't spawned might not work or it might cause another Fukushima disaster in my bedroom... I'll test this later when I can. I'm trying to figure out a way to properly combine some form of DUWS (with the FOB and support, purchase a team, VAS capabilities etc ) into a decent singleplayer mission to make an Island wide campaign more feasable. I know how to enable saving so that's a good start! ;)
  18. LowFlyZone

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    You generally get a tonne of issues not to mention lack of proper Arma 3 graphics. The only way forward is for the community to properly "convert" maps but I think there's help missing from BI on how to do this properly. Night lights I heard is an issue as well.
  19. I enjoy Arma 3 but I honestly think mostly because of the nice visuals, I find myself getting more and more frustrated by the weapon sway especially in scopes like the Acog, I find it impossible to control. This goes hand in hand with the fact that it always takes me 3-5 hits to kill someone (except dead on headshots, usually) and the AI's ability to fire back accurately while supressed and injured (using 10-25% AI accuracy)! I enjoyed Arma 2 more when I could die after 1 or two shots and the same with the AI (modded), coupled with easier aiming. I just find the way that weapon sway is visualized is completely crap in Arma 3, eventually skill goes out the window and I just spray and pray. Firefights are frustrating for me more than anything else. I like realism but I also like gameplay, this is just a game and far from realistic on many levels, I would like to play it as such and actually have more fun by making me feel a bit more skilled and capable of taking that 100m kill shot with a silenced weapon behind enemy lines, instead of shooting an entire mag, missing and alerting the whole AO. I found a weapon sway mod but my problem with using that is it will make my occasional online play a bit wonky vs singleplayer... I think Ace mod for A3 is in order! :P
  20. I can confirm something, the AW159 choppers will spawn and work in Alive (GreenFor turned BluFor choppers mod). They will spawn around bases along with the other choppers. I was playing the Stratis Mountain War example mission and even had one armed version flying around providing air support for like 10 minutes, doing straffing runs over the base I was trying to secure. You can link them to CAS as well, you can do the same with the FA-18 mod and I assume the SU-35 (if you're OpFor) and get real fast mover support. I just read above somewhere that someone couldn't get them to work. Follow the example missions and you should be set.
  21. Anyone know the faction name for the US Marine Corp and MARSOC units by massi? There's a nice class list of all the units, groups and objects but I don't know what faction name to supply the Alive Modules... I want to have Jarheads vs Greenbacks on Stratis Really great mod btw guys, can't wait for the update! I played a modified (intensified) version of your Altis showcase last night for 2 hours, took me 30m to get to battle because I commandeered an assault boat all the way around the north coast and back down to the enemy AO to take out a tower which incidently was right by the Blufor frontline. The Blufor had already occupied the base and the tower but I blew it up anyway, killing some friendlies. (So I guess you can call that a bug because the objective was not cancelled) I then cheated for a Hunter GMG paradrop and made my way behince enemy lines to the next objective dodging all kinds of trouble including a fight between opfor and the blufor rebels. When I got nearby on the hill of the next objective I got out the Hunter and next thing I know a fricken enemy chopper pops up over the hill and blows my car up with my team inside. I took cover behind a BMP wreck and called Air Support (placed an FA-18F on the Airfield with the rest of the chopper support modules) and waited about 2 minutes and boom, chopper KIA and my F18 taking all kinds of gunfire, luckily no AA missiles (yet) and ordered him RTB. The F18 survived (shot to shit) to fight another support call! :dancered: I've seen opfor taking back objectives which blufor had occupied from them prior, really nice ambient combat. This mod is starting to remind me of Commanche vs Hokum with it's dynamic real campaign on a huge landmass.
  22. Version 2.6 makes me want to go all gimme gimme! Damn nice work! :coop: :dancehead:
  23. Hehe .25 I meant :581: ---------- Post added at 18:15 ---------- Previous post was at 18:01 ---------- Don't be a Victor Charlie, there are single player missions under 'scenarios'. Not a lot but enough to get a feel. Online play I guess is where it's at and building your own missions, once again, best for online with real team mates. The islands aren't the best but you must remember that there are object count limits and creating fully unique dense jungle on a decent sized map is nearly impossible, especially with the polygons to boot! You can largely blame the game engine. I'm sure these maps come a ways back as well, not easy creating fresh new maps for each new game 'version' release. The units/troopers imho look great, some vehicles a bit lacking but hardly enough for me to complain. A mod like this depends largely on your imagination, respect for the modders and the game that has been provided to us by BI, sounds lame but that's the way it is. This mod makes me relive some Vietcong and BF Vietnam :bb: