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    Wiki's creations [ArmA 3]

    Yea I am running other mods, just recently started installing a lot of mods to add factions/units but I keep encountering weird issues making me want to stick to vanilla-ish. Took off in a F18 on Stratis and when I tried to land I had AAF machine gun fire on my ass. :confused: I'll do a test with no mods to see if the anims are better on Altis and take it from there, for the other issue I need to do serious testing because it's a potential game breaker probably caused by a broken config somewhere that needs to be reported to the relevant modders. Good to know about the update, would be cool if you also add some of the new AAF vehicles especially the Hellcat to the Startis base, maybe some more random units/sentries/pilots too, to add life. ;) ---------- Post added at 16:44 ---------- Previous post was at 16:09 ---------- Bloody hell it was the MCC addon causing both issues! Only one anim seems out of place now, the same guy infront of the main building/terminal on Altis, except now his legs are in the ground. This is his animation >> [this,"SIT_HIGH"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim; There's nothing for him to sit on. :p
  2. LowFlyZone

    Wiki's creations [ArmA 3]

    Hi Wiki, really nice templates that add a lot to the bases, especially the Stratis one (imo). I have two issues tho, on the Stratis template the "other" side chooses to engage me and/or my vehicle if I get too close to the gates, I was unable to find any script that does that and IND is set to friendly with BluFor. Is this a bug on my end or was it done on purpose (BIS maybe)? On Altis almost all the sitting in chair animated characters are wrong, some have no chairs, some are skew way off the chairs. There's also one guy sitting on a none existent high chair infront of the main airport building, by all the tables and chairs next to some ammo boxes.
  3. LowFlyZone

    U.C.S.V. Cargo & Support Drone

    This thing is freaken awesome! Had a lot of fun messing around with it, now to incorporate it into a decent mission... :confused:
  4. LowFlyZone

    Soldier protection (dev branch)

    I'm starting to convert over to the Arma 3 damage system and learn to like it. Ever since the last patch which fixed the headshot issues, as well as silenced weapon damage I'm enjoying the game a bit more (yes but sometimes AI don't react to hits at all now or are invincible). It still sucks dying from a single shot fired at 300+ meters from a wild AI unit that happened to random 360 and pinpoint my vector, but as others have said, body armor is finally usefull and I think we are nearer the game vs reality sweetspot. Even I would tend to forget that in Arma 2 OA we were fighting poorly equiped insurgents, I think some of them had no protection at all. That being said, it's pissing me off when I can't easily single shot kill a DR Irregular (has body armor) with an 7.62 M24 sniper rifle at medium range, I like my sniper rifles to be single shot kill no Q's & A's, feels propa bad ass yeh! :cool:
  5. LowFlyZone

    ASM - Arma Samples Mod

    I'm looking forward to virtually every vehicle in that list! Can't only have future modern units in Arma 3, especially not on the old maps.
  6. LowFlyZone

    Middle East Irregulars

    Quick question, will the next version be using A3 technicals or A2 ones? Since the AiA dependancy is being cut... I'm too scared to run AiA, only just started using A3MP :eek:
  7. LowFlyZone

    AI Configuration - feedback

    We really need a system where we can control all AI skills from the game menu, for all AI in any mission (SP ofcoz, the host/server/admin should also get this ability in MP). I'm sick and tired of not knowing what I'm getting in terms of AI from any mission because of the multipliers from profile settings to mission specific AI settings, even with mods messing around it gets worse. Specifying a random range should also be an option, for all values, then the game can just randomly apply those values to all AI in the mission. Eg: Accuracy 20-30%, Spotting time 50-100% etc...
  8. We need a mod that allows units to auto rearm in Arma 3, like ASR AI for Arma 2. The hard way is always the best way in Arma, especially AI control.
  9. LowFlyZone

    New Terrain N'Ziwasogo (Wip)

    Got so many mission ideas for this! Map looks good so far, especially under Arma 3 engine :cool:
  10. LowFlyZone

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I noticed this even with UPSMON running :eek:
  11. LowFlyZone

    A-10C for Arma 3

    Them features Thanks for the video and hard work, really looking forward to this one!
  12. Maybe not simulating everything would be possible (Altho I do love this feature) but it adds complications. How would you simulate your CAS support getting shot down by distant AA OR NOT depending on the AI's flying ability and use of flares. How would you have those wonderful helicopter patrols? Imagine a vehicle patrol in the distance, you see it, it's moving away, then it goes out of view and stops being simulated, you run 20 meters forward and there it still is, now moving another 20m. I think if for the sake of performance the far off simulation is toned down, something like the Alive mod needs to be implemented, where there's caching combined with a virtual profile system which in a basic way still allows a distance AI battle to move around and play out. I can imagine this being much better, more complex and optimal if it was native to the game and not an addon in some way.
  13. Thanks for your response. I figured out where I went wrong, I had the zero's leading the grid ref, not trailing it eg: 0184 >> 1840 I thought I was correct because if you omit the zero's it automatically adds them as leading zero's instead of the other way round. [EDIT] After some practice I can confirm what MaHuJa said, arty seems to ignore elevation. Other than that I'm loving the concept, BluFor radio from GK is cool, love that series. Would be nice to have more of a speach when calling the arty tho, instead of just "message to observer". I'm sure there's some more voice that can be cut from a scene somewhere in that series! ;)
  14. Oh I see, was not aware that there's no command for getting object draw distance.
  15. I have a problem, just tried this mod and my artillery seems to fire to whatever the South West edge of the map is... Tried numerous times even swopped my coords around. I just did a fire mission where the rounds were going in all sorts of directions (in debug mode)... I run Arma 3 1.10 So confused :confused:
  16. Hi Naught, nice scripts and seems to work well but I just thought of something... I see by default caching spawn is tied to the viewDistance but sometimes people run large view distances and their object view distances are usually way lower, isn't tying the spawn distance to the viewDistance none-optimal / pointless if AI are only visible by object distance?
  17. Dude you are waay out of the ball park... It's literally the first big hill you can get to after you head up off the beach and can see the town with the choppers, vehicles, boats and fighting. The hill is to the left and past the first 2 man patrol. So get up off the beach, admire the view then head left (East). The hill is North of the town but East of you, they are on overwatch over the town. It's at grid 039 143... The hill with the radio tower is way further North and completely behind the hill you need to be at (in relation to the town). Has anyone else also found the binoculars? I saw them first time round, just up the pathway overlooking the bay and the town.
  18. LowFlyZone

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    Looking forward to this for pirates and spec op missions !
  19. LowFlyZone

    Soldier protection (dev branch)

    I concur, was messing around as a sniper and had quite a few odd hit detection problems, where I noticed very few before the new patch, I suddenly had many shots not even registering. Also, I think the damage system has been improved because to me I can kill enemies with fewer shots on average, head shots finally seem to work (even with silencers) so it's a major plus for me. BUT, now with the BluFor anti-material sniper rifle (standard Nato sniper) I often could not kill AAF guys with a single solid hit at ~500m, to the legs, arms and even body's (from behind, side or front)... I swear I would always be able to kill them with a single shot before the patch, except maybe sometimes if I hit them in the arm or leg... It's a damn powerfull sniper rifle that can blow the tyre off a Strider @ 800m but not penertrate the body armor of a little AAF soldier?
  20. LowFlyZone

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Ok I would really like to understand some things based on some further tests I did. To help me understand the engine and the way this engine works with CPUs. In my own tests I can see the engine struggles to use resources the more you throw at it. Give me an empty map and my GPU usage is near max and my CPU usage is around 60-90% (it jumps around). I now took a large unit count mission I was making that has ~220 units and consistently tested my FPS around the same spot on a hill I deemed one of the worst locations to be / direction to face in this mission. I would drop to 20-23 FPS and it sticks between those figures. Tested about 4 times loading the mission again each time. Ok I can say my CPU was around 50-60% and GPU about 50% average. (You can see these figures are lower than an empty map already). I then added even more units, by just dropping them in (groups) with no waypoints or anything, unlike what the rest of the units (part of the actual mission) have where many are using UPSMON. Now I had about 360 units (according to count allUnits) which was approx 140 more than the previous test. This dropped my average FPS even more (obviously, like it should) and at the same notorious spot I was getting 18-19 FPS, not much lower than before but I could tell the game was struggling and choppy. Here's the main thing, my CPU usage was in the 30's and the same goes for my GPU usage. So that's another huge drop in resource utilization... Now I get the problems with the engine, poor threading and use of 2 or more cores among other things because it's from the late nineties. I just want to understand from a computer science(y) point of view why this is happening... Is it because of the game engine's multiple AI (and other) sub-routines working in a single, or very few threads, that now cause locking when each of the threads become longer and longer with more work? Is this then causing the load to not reach other threads and hence bringing the load down, and making it look like my PC is giving up but it's just the game that can't give it more work, causing a drop in FPS? Am I on the right track, right or wrong? :confused: If someone could explain this to me I'd be very gratefull. It would go a long way in helping me understand computers and programming them.:cool:
  21. I wish to see more gore, it adds immersion. Like having a chance of legs or arms blowing off from explosives and anti-material rifles. I see it's in VBS2 and in Arma 2 there was a mod that could have AI completely blow up from high explosives. It was so wickidely sick to drop an airstrike on a group of guys and see half of them splatter to pieces through my lazer designator zoomed in, blood and body parts in a mist among the bomb/missile particles and smoke.
  22. LowFlyZone

    AI Configuration - feedback

    I wish to see more gore, it adds immersion. Like having a chance of legs or arms blowing off from explosives and anti-material rifles. I see it's in VBS2 and in Arma 2 there was a mod that could have AI completely blow up from high explosives. It was so wickidely sick to drop an airstrike on a group of guys and see half of them splatter to pieces through my lazer designator zoomed in, blood and body parts in a mist among the bomb/missile particles and smoke. //sorry posted in wrong thread, tabs confusion...
  23. Aah crap, thanks Numrollen. I put it directly into Arma 3 folder and not the DLL folder...
  24. I get the same problem when running bCombat, also happens if/when I run the Alive mod.