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  1. I found that it's because of the bcombat AI mod. Disable the mod and the units are fine.
  2. So I'm busy setting up a small simple mission on Thirsk and want to have some units sitting around a campfire or two, but they're not standing or adhering to the command "unit action ["sitDown", unit];". This is the first time I'm doing this in Arma 3 and it seems it's not working now, they keep going prone as soon as the mission starts, that's with their behaviour set to "SAFE" as well. If I move them further away from the campfires they "listen to my commands". So it's probably something with the fires/flames causing a hiccup. Anyone else experienced this or know how to fix it? Ok nevermind, looks like the bcombat is at fault.
  3. LowFlyZone

    No women at all

    In ArmA women have yet to receive equal rights, they were in ArmA 2 but completely covered to prevent any scandals. ;) I imagine they're currently left out because you'd join MP life servers and everyone would run around nakid, more than usual. Imagine if we also had female soldiers, people would do beach insertions in underwear all the time.
  4. Thanks for your response/explanations Outlawled, will check it out. :D
  5. LowFlyZone

    Triggering an AI convoy?

    1: That should be fine since the trigger runs on the server. 2: Never used it, don't know anything about it. 3: Check this out >> http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20265
  6. LowFlyZone

    Is AI really that resource intensive?

    Arma 3 runs everything in real time so the more AI = almost exponential dropoff in performance but from what I know AI at a distance are slightly simplified in that they are given less priority for their calculaltions. Arma 3 suffers from poor multithreading in some core components such as AI. There are ways to cope with this. The Alive mod supports thousands of units through total caching, they still "move around" but it happens virtually (simplified) to simulate the progress of a larger battlefield. A configurable number of units are then spawned in when the player is in a specified range. Alive works in singleplayer but does not yet support proper save/loading, it's best for multiplayer. Another option is one of the group caching scripts whereby all but one unit in AI groups get deleted and spawned back in when the player is in a certain range, the remaining unit will still move around in real time but it saves a lot of resources on missions with many AI groups spread out over a few KM's. This can work in singleplayer as well. Another option specifically for multiplayer is the use of headless clients and AI distribution whereby AI units can be spread out over a few machines on the network to reduce the load on a single server, supporting more AI at a decent FPS. NPC's standing still and doing nothing won't hog resources as much since they have fewer calculations to do, I know a trick with civilians is to set their skill to 0 to save CPU. I think running scripts on "static" units like disableAI "FSM" would also help.
  7. Interesting, I can imagine double initialization to be a problem but would it cause something like 2 instances of a mod or simply overwrite the first initialization? Just don't know what the after affects could be...
  8. LowFlyZone

    A-10C for Arma 3

    This plane is excellent! It's good to have something so immersive and really looking forward to some more completed features, especially for the bombs. Btw how do you deploy countermeasures?
  9. LowFlyZone

    A3 Launcher

    Only way I can think of that being possible is if the launcher is pointing to a different executable/arma 3 directory than the one being launched from steam. @headswe I also have a problem where the launcher will not work without an active internet connection, it simply crashes when I fire up the .exe
  10. LowFlyZone

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Thanks for posting that info, I'm thinking of editing on or two of the mods with weapons I have installed because the sounds are so terrible, can't tell who is shooting me from where and how far at all. Been using your mods for too long maybe! ;)
  11. LowFlyZone

    Pet Peeves of A3

    All the bugs
  12. LowFlyZone

    Pet Peeves of A3

    Claymores not being claymores, all you can do is touch them off, at least it matters what direction they face (I think from basic observations). Proper claymores would be invaluable for sniper defence + UPSMON when the enemy flank you for S&D while you're tunnel vissioned down your scope trying to blow some guys head off through the wall of a house or something (you can do that, try using a bulletcam script). I've killed a guy by shooting through the house with bulletcam on, through both walls, he was outside on the other side porch.
  13. LowFlyZone

    Stand alone hmmwv

    Such sick Many wow Thanks :notworthy:
  14. Thanks for the update, love this script! In the past I placed the laptop object in the editor anyway, then in the init.sqf just said something like _laptop = intelLaptop1; Skipping all the placement commands and hair pulling! ;)
  15. LowFlyZone

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I'm on the fence with this one, I half think it's a step in the right direction with the soldier protection and better than a one size fits all like we used to have. Beyond that, in the further future we may see more realistic implementations of the bullet proof vests and explosive protection, so we all dream anyway. I guess Arma is hardcore but not that hardcore (not only a game for hardcore basement hackers from the 90's), for that buy VBS. Infact no, because Arma could use the sales more! :p
  16. LowFlyZone

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    If you're using winrar or 7zip tell it to "extract here" to get the folder structure, when you extract the files (without error) look for the folder "@A3MP", it should be inside another folder like "A3MP_v13a". Put the @A3MP folder in your Arma 3 directory like with any other mod and then go into the game >> configure >> expansions and enable the A3MP, or use a mod manager/command line method via shortcut to activate it before launching the game if that's what you normally do. Somehow your download has been getting corrupted so I suggest downloading on "off peak" hours overnight or something. Maybe use a download manager, it usually helps. I know some people are against them but some of us have 3rd world internet so we need them! ;)
  17. LowFlyZone

    MOD: NATO Hellcats

    Just what the doctor ordered for this choppa! Thanks hint "Would love to see an AAF version with guided rockets :rolleyes:";
  18. Hi guys, not sure if this has been mentioned before but I found 2 problems while running the MCC addon (not actually using it, just while it was just present in the game). The Independant side (AAF) seemed to always be hostile towards me as a BluFor soldier, and vice-versa (they were set to friendly as is default in the editor). For some reason it was also messing with some animations, only noticed it with sitting on chair animations (specifiaclly in Wiki's Atlis Airbase Template), it had seemed to move the soldiers off the chairs and some were even turned around completely, one appeared in mid air. When I disable MCC both problems go away...
  19. Some of the M4's (not sure about others) have black textures on some or other attachment on the weapon, usually just some visual mod (in-game-wise). This mod also seems to remove the Sniper scope from the standard nato sniper rifle. :confused:
  20. LowFlyZone

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Anyone know why Utes has very low res textures in my game? Looks like BAF Lite did with Proving Grounds in A2...
  21. LowFlyZone

    Middle East Irregulars

    Thanks for the update DR. If I may ask, how exactly do you use AiA to get only the static weapons and vehicles for this mod? Also, do you know if it will mess with the A3MP out of the box? Basically not sure which pbo's I need.
  22. Very nice map, had some fun running and flying around, exploring and finding places for battles. Imo most of the urban areas are too bland and don't sit quite right atm, the villages and some smaller areas are fine, the bases are really nice! Overall a much better map than FSF Jungle in A2. ;) Maybe I missed them but some swamp like areas would be cool, mixed with some huts/farm land. Also more elevations would be cool, doesn't need mountains but some hills/ridges maybe, more undulations, stuff like that... Thanks for all the work on this! ---------- Post added at 17:13 ---------- Previous post was at 17:10 ---------- I had my sound turned up to soak in the jungle first time I ran the map, when I heard that thing I accidently opened fire! :581: >> :coop: >> :cry2: