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  1. Is there any way to script or modify the configs via mission to allow the player to use medikits and/or toolkits to heal and repair vehicles? As if you're an engineer and medic? I've never seen a solution to this, and I'm hoping not to have to script actions for it.
  2. This is a mission I made mostly tailored to my editing/creating and play style, but maybe others can enjoy it too. It's a singleplayer mission with a background story and I plan on making 1 or 2 sequels before moving onto something different again. It actually plays more like a multiplayer mission with no in-game story telling. In future I may add some voiceless radio dialogue, but nothing forcing you to read all the time and make your head spin, such as this post...:eek: (SP) Operation Morning Booking Subscribe: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=247683951 [OVERVIEW] Infiltrate and cause havoc at a suspected key point of the CSAT presence on northen Altis. Insert by submarine, link up with FIA rebels, take out AA, artillery, and gather intelligence from inside the Ghost Hotel. [FEATURES] Custom Diver loadout USS Proteus (big submarine) Underwater insertion (selectable locations) UPSMON and Garrison scripts Enemy reinforcements fast roping from helicopters Recruitable FIA rebels in hiding Enemy mortar support Multiple types of objectives CQB (inside Ghost Hotel) Semi-dynamic gameplay (improvements to come) [PLEASE NOTE] The mission is not very easy, depending on your difficuilty and mods. I highly recommend the bCombat mod and ASR AI A3. If you use ASR AI A3 it's best to turn off radionet and maybe gunshot hearing in the userconfig file for the mod. Ensure you can save your game, it is a singleplayer mission after all... I also highly recommend the TPW HUD mod, I gave the player unit some tactical goggles to use with this mod and it helps make the mission easier, and feel more tactical if you will, because you're on your own for the most part. There's a combat vest in your backpack, you have to drop it on the ground then equip it, you can move the rebreather into your backpack if you want to keep it. Dropping the vest on the ground is a fault of Arma 3, not mine. Keep a lookout for enemy supply boxes and crates in the mission, you may need some launchers... I will be adding features and making improvements in the near future. Watch this space if you like this kind of mission... [sITUATION] CSAT still have a heavy presence on the northen and eastern regions of Altis, and with NATO awaiting further reinforcements, we believe CSAT are bringing in new weapons and working on something big. Intel reports show a sudden increase in activity in and around Pefkas Bay, due west of a major CSAT headquarters. We have located a coastal defence point with AA, as well as the location of artillery units that have been shelling our ground forces to the south and south west. Further Intel shows the presence of a high ranking CSAT officer in the AO, we wish to have him eliminated as well. A major cause for suspician is the recent entrenchment of the abandoned hotel situated north of the bay, known as the Ghost Hotel. The interrogation of a recently captured CSAT officer has revealed that we may be able to pull off valuable intel from computers inside the hotel, and that it is being used as a meeting point for high ranking officers involved in "special projects". If we can get hold of that Intel, we may be able to start figuring out what CSAT are up to. This mission is highly dangerous and off the radar, NATO does not even know about our presence in the region! Support will be largely unavailable and your insertion will be via mini submarine launched off the USS Proteus. We have established contact with FIA rebel forces via the British CTRG and Captain Miller, and they have helped us smuggle in extra supplies for this mission, as well as having offered their assistance. They will be hiding and waiting for you. With the help of the FIA and SATCOM, we have determined and marked points of interest on your map, including your objectives. Use the information as you see fit to best execute your mission. [CREDITS & THANKS] Credit goes out to all of the Arma community, specifically the authors of the freely distributed scripts used in this mission. Without them, making missions would be boring and beyond my scripting ability... Thumbs up to: Cool=Azroul13 for "UPSMON - Urban Patrol Script" zorilya for "Garrison script A3 [bETA]" zealot111 for "Helicopter fastrope script" t-800a for "Downlad data from a laptop" Feint for "Submarine with SDV"
  3. /* This script will allow you to copy to clipboard the current gear of any unit, allowing you to paste it in the init box of another unit in the editor, or use it in another script to equip a unit. It is mainly for customizing your gear using ammo crates or VAS and then being able to use the custom loadout easily in a mission on any unit. All gear and attachments will be in the correct slots! Execute on any unit via init/trigger/other script, replacing [this] with [unitName] or [player] if needed: nul = [this] execVM "copyUnitGearToClipboard.sqf"; nul = [player] execVM "copyUnitGearToClipboard.sqf"; nul = [unit1] execVM "copyUnitGearToClipboard.sqf"; When it executes a hint will be displayed showing the output and it is also copied to clipboard for you to paste somewhere else. !!!***Thank you to NeoArmageddon for the permission to share this, basically most of the working code is his. All I did was modify it to copy to clipboard instead of copying to another unit. I also had to script alternative methods for some things because it doesn't work the same as directly copying the gear to another unit in game as the original script does***!!! Modified from the original Script found at http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?169876-Script-Copy-a-units-loadout Author: NeoArmageddon Website: www.modfact.net */ private["_unit","_weapons","_assigned_items","_primary","_array","_blacklist","_gearText","_headGear","_vest","_uniform","_backpack","_goggles", "_handgun"]; _unit = [_this,0,objnull,[objnull]] call bis_fnc_param; _gearText = ""; //_primary = primaryWeapon _unit; //not used as variable //_weapons = weaponsItems _unit; //not used as variable //_handgun = handgunWeapon _unit; //not used as variable _headGear = ""; _vest = ""; _uniform = ""; _backpack = ""; _goggles = ""; _gearText = _gearText + "removeAllWeapons this; "; _gearText = _gearText + "removeAllAssignedItems this; "; _gearText = _gearText + "removeAllContainers this; "; _gearText = _gearText + "removeHeadgear this; "; _gearText = _gearText + "removeGoggles this; "; if((headgear _unit)!="") then { _headGear = headgear _unit; _gearText = _gearText + format ["this addHeadgear '%1'; ", _headGear]; }; if((goggles _unit)!="") then { _goggles = goggles _unit; _gearText = _gearText + format ["this addGoggles '%1'; ", _goggles]; }; if((uniform _unit)!="") then { _uniform = uniform _unit; _gearText = _gearText + format ["this addUniform '%1'; ", _uniform]; }; if((vest _unit)!="") then { _vest = vest _unit; _gearText = _gearText + format ["this addVest '%1'; ", _vest]; }; if((backpack _unit)!="") then { _backpack = backpack _unit; _gearText = _gearText + format ["this addBackPack '%1'; ", _backpack]; }; //_blacklist = ["Rangefinder","Binocular"]; //binoculars and rangefinders don't get copied! _blacklist = [""]; { if((_x select 0)!="" && !((_x select 0) in _blacklist)) then { //This will get the current loaded magazine in the weapon if(count(_x)>4) then { //_gearText = _gearText + format ["this addmagazine '%1'; ", [(_x select 4) select 0,(_x select 4) select 1]]; //weapon starts with no magazine! _gearText = _gearText + format ["this addmagazine '%1'; ", ((_x select 4) select 0)]; }; if(count(_x)>5) then { //_gearText = _gearText + format ["this addmagazine '%1'; ", [(_x select 5) select 0,(_x select 5) select 1]]; //weapon starts with no magazine! _gearText = _gearText + format ["this addmagazine '%1'; ", ((_x select 5) select 0)]; }; if((_x select 0) != "")then{_gearText = _gearText + format ["this addweapon '%1'; ", (_x select 0)];}; //if((_x select 1) != "")then{_gearText = _gearText + format ["this linkItem '%1'; ", (_x select 1)];}; //does not add the attachment //if((_x select 2) != "")then{_gearText = _gearText + format ["this linkItem '%1'; ", (_x select 2)];}; //does not add the attachment //if((_x select 3) != "")then{_gearText = _gearText + format ["this linkItem '%1'; ", (_x select 3)];}; //does not add the attachment }; } foreach (weaponsItems _unit); //Now the attachments get added! { if(_x != "") then{_gearText = _gearText + format ["this addPrimaryWeaponItem '%1'; ", _x];}; } foreach (primaryWeaponItems _unit); { if(_x != "") then{_gearText = _gearText + format ["this addHandgunItem '%1'; ", _x];}; } foreach (handgunItems _unit); _array = getItemCargo uniformContainer _unit; if(count(_array)>0) then { { for[{_i=0},{_i<((_array) select 1) select _forEachIndex},{_i=_i+1}] do { _gearText = _gearText + format ["this addItemToUniform '%1'; ", _x]; }; } foreach ((_array) select 0); }; _array = getMagazineCargo uniformContainer _unit; if(count(_array)>0) then { { for[{_i=0},{_i<((_array) select 1) select _forEachIndex},{_i=_i+1}] do { _gearText = _gearText + format ["this addItemToUniform '%1'; ", _x]; }; } foreach ((_array) select 0); }; _array = getWeaponCargo uniformContainer _unit; if(count(_array)>0) then { { for[{_i=0},{_i<((_array) select 1) select _forEachIndex},{_i=_i+1}] do { _gearText = _gearText + format ["this addItemToUniform '%1'; ", _x]; }; } foreach ((_array) select 0); }; _array = getItemCargo vestContainer _unit; if(count(_array)>0) then { { for[{_i=0},{_i<((_array) select 1) select _forEachIndex},{_i=_i+1}] do { _gearText = _gearText + format ["this addItemToVest '%1'; ", _x]; }; } foreach ((_array) select 0); }; _array = getMagazineCargo vestContainer _unit; if(count(_array)>0) then { { for[{_i=0},{_i<((_array) select 1) select _forEachIndex},{_i=_i+1}] do { _gearText = _gearText + format ["this addItemToVest '%1'; ", _x]; }; } foreach ((_array) select 0); }; _array = getWeaponCargo vestContainer _unit; if(count(_array)>0) then { { for[{_i=0},{_i<((_array) select 1) select _forEachIndex},{_i=_i+1}] do { _gearText = _gearText + format ["this addItemToBackpack '%1'; ", _x]; ///////WEIRD?????\\\\\\\\\\ }; } foreach ((_array) select 0); }; _array = getItemCargo backpackContainer _unit; if(count(_array)>0) then { { for[{_i=0},{_i<((_array) select 1) select _forEachIndex},{_i=_i+1}] do { _gearText = _gearText + format ["this addItemToBackpack '%1'; ", _x]; }; } foreach ((_array) select 0); }; _array = getMagazineCargo backpackContainer _unit; if(count(_array)>0) then { { for[{_i=0},{_i<((_array) select 1) select _forEachIndex},{_i=_i+1}] do { _gearText = _gearText + format ["this addItemToBackpack '%1'; ", _x]; }; } foreach ((_array) select 0); }; _array = getWeaponCargo backpackContainer _unit; if(count(_array)>0) then { { for[{_i=0},{_i<((_array) select 1) select _forEachIndex},{_i=_i+1}] do { _gearText = _gearText + format ["this addItemToBackpack '%1'; ", _x]; }; } foreach ((_array) select 0); }; { _gearText = _gearText + format ["this linkItem '%1'; ", _x]; } foreach assignedItems _unit; copyToClipboard _gearText; sleep 1; hint _gearText;
  4. Thanks for the help previously, it worked after some more messing around. I must have forgotten to reply.. :eek: Nice update. :)
  5. I'm getting "No entry 'config.bin/CfgMagazines.hlc_50rnd_762x51_M_M14'." when spawning M14's adding the mag provided with the classname list.
  6. I noticed that the cargo/passenger seat for the UGV stomper does not have firing from vehicles enabled. It's a shame really :rolleyes:
  7. Any chance you could add a bleeding icon when the player is bleeding? Especially for when you don't have some kind of hud running which shows health, but either way I think it would be cool.
  8. A personal request, would it be possible to make the GP25/M203 launchers compatible with the CUP weapons HE/smoke/flare nades as well? HE_GRENADES_M203 = ["CUP_1Rnd_HE_M203","CUP_1Rnd_HEDP_M203"] HE_GRENADES_GP25 = ["CUP_1Rnd_HE_GP25_M"] SMOKE_GRENADES_M203 = ["CUP_1Rnd_Smoke_M203","CUP_1Rnd_SmokeRed_M203","CUP_1Rnd_SmokeGreen_M203","CUP_1Rnd_SmokeYellow_M203"] SMOKE_GRENADES_GP25 = ["CUP_1Rnd_SMOKE_GP25_M","CUP_1Rnd_SmokeRed_GP25_M","CUP_1Rnd_SmokeGreen_GP25_M","CUP_1Rnd_SmokeYellow_GP25_M"] FLARES_M203 = ["CUP_FlareWhite_M203","CUP_FlareGreen_M203","CUP_FlareRed_M203","CUP_FlareYellow_M203"] FLARES_GP25 = ["CUP_FlareWhite_GP25_M","CUP_FlareGreen_GP25_M","CUP_FlareRed_GP25_M","CUP_FlareYellow_GP25_M"] Thanks for your time, regardless of yay or nay.. :)
  9. Hey, downloaded all your packs and tested them out in a bit of a shooting range. Models and sounds are great, love the variations especially. Hope to see more packs from you, so thanks! :cool: So far I've noticed that the M60 irons sights are useless, they're quite high so you can't see where you're aiming under < 500m I think, probably more. Vietnam style hip firing is forced, or a 2035 scope. ;)
  10. I need help running this on laptop objects spawned in later during mission. My objective system isn't reading the T8_pubVarDataTask variable, I'm not sure how to get a reference to that on spawned objects. I hope you understand what I mean, it's 1am here :bb: Where _obj = laptop and _id = task ID... 0 = [_obj, _id] spawn { [[_this select 0], "T8_fnc_addActionLaptop", true, true] spawn BIS_fnc_MP; _DT = format [ "%1_%2", "T8_pubVarDataTask", (_this select 0) ]; waitUntil {sleep 5; !(alive (_this select 0)) || (_this select 0) getVariable ["_DT", false]}; if(getPosATL (_this select 0) isEqualTo [0,0,0])then //was deleted / despawned { [_this select 1, "Cancelled"] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; } else { [_this select 1, "Succeeded"] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; }; };
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    Thanks, perfect
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    FileNotFound on server :|
  13. For me personally I barely get any effects, or not enough to my liking, is there any way to increase/decrease the sensitivity? A config option would be nice. :) [EDIT] I'd also like the effect to be able to stay around for a bit longer, when I do get suppressed it lasts about 1 or less second with decent blur.
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    ASR AI 3

    Hey not sure if it's been reported, or maybe it's just me, but running with AI skills off gives me a slow looping script error. _this spawn: Undefined variable in asr_ai3_sysaiskill_fnc_modunitskill
  15. Nice mods, adds some fluff to a otherwise stiff game :P I like that guns have more feel now, and you can feel explosions...
  16. Create a radio Alpha or whatever. In on activation field put: (thislist select 0) addaction ["Supply Drop", {[[["","CargoNet_01_box_F","FncSupplyCargo1"],"supply\supply.sqf"], "BIS_fnc_execVM", true] call BIS_fnc_MP;},[],1,false,true,"leader group (_this select 0) == (_this select 0)"]; I have not tested this yet... (thislist select 0) should be the unit that activated the trigger. leader group (_this select 0) == (_this select 0) makes sure the activation is only available to a group leader. Technically I think this method is better... Create a radio Alpha or whatever. In on activation field put: if(leader group (thislist select 0) == (thislist select 0)) then { [[["","CargoNet_01_box_F","FncSupplyCargo1"],"supply\supply.sqf"], "BIS_fnc_execVM", true] call BIS_fnc_MP; }; I'm not sure if the latter method will work in MP. I don't know MP coding yet. Then concerning limiting to a unit class, I presume you mean the classname of the unit. You can use typeOf unit == "classname" if(leader group (thislist select 0) == (thislist select 0) && typeOf (thislist select 0) == "B_recon_JTAC_F") then { [[["","CargoNet_01_box_F","FncSupplyCargo1"],"supply\supply.sqf"], "BIS_fnc_execVM", true] call BIS_fnc_MP; };
  17. No luck, but I found my problem and tested a few times. I had to change the line _supplyBox attachTo [_supplyChute,[0,0,-0.5]]; to _supplyBox attachTo [_supplyChute,[0,0,-1.0]]; It needed more space between the center positions of both models for me, I guess the parachute was still colliding with the box (despite double checked disableCollisionWith) thinking it's hitting the ground, because it performs the parachute drop animation in mid air too... Weird :P Anyway, it works fine now.
  18. Thanks was looking for something like this. The chemlight and smoke addition is cool.. I seem to have a problem where the supply box is detaching just after the parachute deploys, I think the waituntil inside supply.sqf is giving problems for me. I also tried changing it to waitUntil {sleep 1; ((getPosATL _supplyBox) select 2) < 5}; [EDIT] Nevermind the waituntil, I tested by adding player globalChat "Detaching Chute"; and it does wait until the box hits the ground. Still can't understand why it detaches and falls.
  19. Thank you, I will check it out...
  20. Right now I've got if(playerHasRadio)then{[_plane,"CuratorModuleCAS"] call bis_fnc_curatorSayMessage}; in my mission, but for for the life of me I can't find any other messages, I'm still learning how the configs work... Does anyone have any other parameters for [_plane,"CuratorModuleCAS"] call bis_fnc_curatorSayMessage ? Thanks :cool:
  21. Hehe the UAZ is insane, I use it as a getaway.. Carefull with the breaks, it's worse than an F1 car. I always laughed when I shot moving UAZ's and they nose dived into the ground causing a forward flip, thought it was blown wheels, turns out it's just the breaks being too strong, I can do it to myself while driving. ---------- Post added at 19:41 ---------- Previous post was at 19:40 ---------- Please don't fix the brakes, do whatever with the accel.. ---------- Post added at 19:43 ---------- Previous post was at 19:41 ---------- I've seen a UAZ forward flip into houses and soldiers, it's a feature damnit!
  22. Nice work, such a wide selection of light armed vehicles! If I may add another crit, would be great if the external Huey heli cams can be closer to the choppers. It's easier to crash with adv flight model :computer:
  23. I see, I was hoping for some clever trick to auto-detect when they're in forests/shrubs.. Busy working on a script only SP game mode. Getting the AI to be fun is always a mission, bCombat helps a lot tho but their accuracy is still a problem. I usually just run a script on all my units that sets their skills with some random value like (random 0.1) + 0.15 for accuracy. The initial spraying effect is good :P Gives some warning and time to react, without getting 360deg spin around lazer tagged.
  24. Only thing that private ["_var"] does is define the scope of the variable. Squint is just being pedantic about your function syntax but the engine doesn't care. You could have this: _unit = _this select 0; while{true}do{ private "_unit"; _unit = "LOL"; hint _unit; //Displays "LOL" }; hint _unit; //Displays object or something Without private "_unit" inside the while loop, _unit = "LOL" will override _unit = _this select 0; Hope this clears it up. And lol at the troll screaming about while{true}... How else you supposed to run code over and over? You could use a recursive function but doubt it will make any performance difference. I like this idea a little tho, could you share the script you made for forests?