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  1. Hey guys how are you?

    I'm using the SPAWN AI SCRIPT http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?165089-AI-Spawn-Script-Pack

    And I need to optimize my multiplayer mission ..

    The Simple cache function that brings this script does not work me ..

    Do I need to know how to activate a GameLogic calling a trigger.

    try in various ways but does not work me.

    My mission goes very slow, need to optimize

    my gamelogic:

    nul = [this,1,30,[true,false],[false,false,false],false,[8,0],[3,0],1,nil,nil,nil] execVM "LV\militarize.sqf";

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    Somebody help me please.. my mission work in 20 fps.. very slow

  2. Hello how are you?

    In my file "Init.sqf" I have the following code and it worked for all units of the group.

    {_x setcaptive true} foreach units opford ...

    now need to do the same but with the following code

    I have this code that works with the name of a unit.

    a) that person fires his first shot -> setcaptive false

    soldier1 AddEventHandler ["fired", {(_this select 0) setCaptive false}] 

    But the problem is I want to make this code work with all units in the group

    how can I do?

  3. That sliding gate it self is a mod, I just went down to the comments and read a bit, nothing too hard, and there was this:

    Also you'd probably want to set the other one to false while setting the next one to true. It's ridiculous but apparently that's how it is.

    That nothing else works?

    I'm not using the mod ..

    I only saw this video, and want to make a gate as well.

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    I put a wired fence with name "policegate" and trigger with present blufor repeatedly

    and put in the field "ON ACT": policegateopen = true;

    I did not work ...

    I think you need to do some script or something to make it work