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    Randomizing my pickup objective

    Im talking about everything to be moved to locations set in parameters
  2. I want the ability to set in parameters different locations for this objective [its basically the whole mission so far and me learning some code] http://puu.sh/glTvW/6df7f050b9.png I want to move all of this, to the location defined in parameters. this includes markers, objects, triggers and such Sorry for my awful explanation
  3. Helojumper

    A quantum leap - Arma 4

    I really think BIS should go towards a futuristic element. I don't mean soooo spacey that its unrealistic but say set in the year 2300. imagine this. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are a few of my ideas that ive wanted to tell people about since arma 3 came into development BLUFOR: General Game: Instead of having several islands and maps there should be one SYSTEM that you can travel between several planets. to travel between you would use a Carrier like SPACESHIP that you could then deploy DROPSHIPS from and invade. PLANET IDEAS: Direlia (A lush green planet that is inhabited by an abundance of flora and fauna. The Planet is heavily sought after because of its inner core that is made from Rare Minerals used to as fuel and energy sources, because of its mined out core the planet is unstable. Yerman 7: (A Barren planet that has close to nothing on it, except the possibility of becoming inhabited due to its perfect atmosphere ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Just a small amount of stuff that ive thought about for a good while. id love to make this into a game myself or even just a Arma 3 Mod but i have limited knowledge of such things. if someone in the community could give me a push in the right direction and/or even some help i would greatly appreciate it.