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  1. Just some thoughts and questions, sorry if I'm being "that guy"


    Firstly, with the AC-47 couldn't you make it as 3 seperate turrets to get the three tracer streams? It'd be clunky but it might work.


    Then, with the level bombers like the A-6, how will aiming be accomplished? I'd hope we don't have to dive bomb in the A-6, considering its main selling point was that it was an all weather level bomber.


    Other than that, I'm really impressed with how everything looks! You guys are doing amazing work and I'm really excited to see what comes of this all!

  2. Hi Fuller and gang.

    I noticed in the missile box that there is the GBU-57, yet I can't seem to figure out how to arm the B-2 with it, or any conventional munitions for that matter. I hope I'm not just being inobservant, but would you guys be able to tell me how to use it?

    Thank you

    EDIT: Never mind, I just saw the other loadout options in the service menu. Turns out I am an inobservant person

  3. Just checking now.

    EDIT: Yes, every turret is working as expected.

    So. I've been messing around in the other planes, and the B-1 has a service menu, but it shows the one from Peral's A-10, and it doesn't rearm the plane, insead giving an error about a missing 38 count GBU of some sort.

  4. Toadie, dude, love your mods man. Your AKs are a blast to use, and I've got more than a few loadouts with the G3 and the M14 ready to use when 5.56 NATO and 7.62 WARSAW don't do the job. I'm still getting a feel for your ARs, but for the most part, I'm liking 'em, even if the ineffectiveness of .300 AAC Blackout in CQC bewilders and confuses me a bit. Then again, it is ball ammo, so it'll only have so much effect on soft targets.

    My only complaint, though, is the lack of side-mounted rails for the AKs other than the AK12. I mean, AK12's pretty cool and all, but... Muh AKM and AK47 and all that. I think some of us would appreciate havin' a bit more variety to the optics and weapon mounts for the AKs, but then again, that could be just me and all my complaints invalid.

    Anyway, lovin' what you've done so far, keep up the great work dude!

    To quote the genius Ivan Chesnikov


  5. v0.3

    -CV-22 Osprey Added

    -RQ-4A Global Hawk Added

    -MQ-9 Reaper Added

    -HH-60G Pavehawk Added

    -USAF Special Operations added

    -AC-130U Gun animations added

    -USAF Weapons Pack Added

    -AC-130U Script warping fixed

    -KC135 Not rolling down runway due to BI update Fixed

    -MC-130 Refueling Script Camera Shacking fixed

    -Minor Adjustments made to previous aircraft

    -BI Key changed

    -Pilot Helmet and Vest UI pics updated

    -Credits Updated

    So... Not to ask the question that shall not be asked, nor to sound like a complete idiot, but what's with .3 being in the changelog? Has it been released somewhere and I've missed it? or are those just the planned changes?

    Hope I'm not wasting your time! I really look forward to the BUFF and the Bone and B-2 getting a service menu. Keep fighting the good fight!