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  1. So, would it be possible, given the range of armament of the MI-24, to use the 'service menu' system from Saul and John_Spartan's F-18/SU-35 to load the weapons etc?
  2. whatismoo

    1st Infantry Division - BCT

    Moto patches best patches!
  3. @scarecrow I belive the most effective use for Sheillelaghs is as a hat stand
  4. whatismoo

    ArmA 2 C-130J and MV-22 Redux

    Hey Sakura, FullerPJ sent me your way as he isn't working on a herky-bird, so will you be adding the ability for LAPES? Here's a video of LAPES:
  5. whatismoo

    [WIP] USAF Air Asset MOD

    Will these planes, especially the C-130, be able to use the LAPES system?
  6. whatismoo

    ArmA 2 C-130J and MV-22 Redux

    Adding on to that, will the C-130 have the ability to do LAPES,
  7. will there be the ability to drop cargo using LAPES, similar to what was done in the vietnam war at Khe Sahn? Links:
  8. whatismoo

    Polish Armed Forces Mod

    That looks badass! if I might ask, what tank is that? it doesn't look like the t-72's etc that you see so often in eastern europe.
  9. whatismoo

    The New York City Project

    Hey, if you are going to medel NYC, why not just manhattan, at least to start? it has an area of only 87 Km^2, and you could put road blocks on the bridges and tunnels. Anyway, good luck with the project!
  10. whatismoo

    BAFSystems - RAF Tornado GR4

    Hi, great work! Would it be possible for you to include the MW1/JP233 system? Thanks!