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  1. True, just spawn T-72 etc, although... the strange part is if you look in the wrecks they added Hunters... but not the other "newer vehicles"
  2. Well.... it's in the units section... so I'd say... :/ CreateUnit ? Thats an assumption... I am still learning arma 3 scripting... Note: I wish Bohemia would release an Official Scripting PDF Book... Also the Wrecks in editor... are not the... wrecks that are created when a vehicle is destroyed... for example T-72 instead of a T-100
  3. General Idea: CreateVehicle Get Position Of Vehicle -> getPos(Wreck_Name/Object Name) Create Smoke Effect From Cfg File On getPos point Then do whatever else you need to do
  4. 1. Have any of you done or had any experience with creating custom made particles? 2. Is there anyway to tweak the exhaust of vehicles in arma 3 so that when a vehcile engine is shutdown there is still the "infra-red radiant" heat effect left? Because I know right now, that the engines once shutdown don't keep a radiant heat effect even though, helicopters have a thermal profile that is shown ingame under a TWS or a Nightstalker 3. Is it possible to disable lights on the map? Because I have tried using Switchlight on several objects after connecting them to "Game Logic" didn't work... 4. Any more effective way to create custom IED's other than using a "CreateVehicle" command 5. How to create custom notifications,Change their duration, and general text content? 6. How to create custom Misssion Modules so I can make my missions more modular? 7. Create Custom Camera Effects 8. Does anyone know how to activate this Config file / use it configfile >> "CfgVoiceMask" 9. Anyway to force the voice quality of clients depending on their distance from an object?
  5. Parrot4543


    Yes that is exactly what I wish to do and I want to "safely" erase the function without it breaking anything... Because I know that functions still exist in the memory... no matter what they are loaded and stay there... Clearing them would reduce server load correct?
  6. Parrot4543


    Is there a way to clear functions out the the servers resident memory without disrupting a mission? I did come across a BIS function that "halts a function" and returns an error message of your choice I am wondering if it "actually flushes the memory"?
  7. Parrot4543

    7zip plugin? will there be one?

    I would love to see this made because 7zip has a really long running history something in the order of 15 years development and creating a simple file association plugin that knows the decompression algorithm / compression algorithm would be a robust way to open PBO's and compress them instead of writing installers that can potentially harbour dangerous material / content and being open-source you can easily update the plugin a small group of the community working on this would be more than enough.
  8. Parrot4543

    PBO Manager

    A word of warning this comes prepackaged with potential dangerous files(FilesFrog Updater and BetterInstaller) It prevented / locked a file that it downloaded called FLV_Player_Downloader and attempted to download trojans.