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    AI Spawn Script Pack

    Thanks for the quick reply Na_Palm. I had originally tried it with (group player) in there and it would not spawn the helo at all. We'd pop smoke and nothing would happen, even running the distance at 2 so it immediately spawns in the area for testing. I will try and add it that way and have another go again. The code I posted above was generated with the GUI included with the latest version. I originally had tried the grouping with (group player) per the documentation I found which I believe was an older version/post somewhere on the interwebs. :) Thanks again, I'll try and report back. EDIT (report back): Thanks Na_Palm I changed "player" to "group player" and it works now. I was adding it as (group player) in line before. removing the () got it working for me. I knew it was something simple I was missing. A maybe not so interesting thing I noticed while testing as well is if I leave it as player the helicopter spawns empty and I can order my team to get in and utilize it. It basically spawns the helicopter in the air as an extra group unit that I can control. Just another way to implement it if anyone is looking for different implementation. Thank you again for your quick help, sorry to bother you guys with such a trivial thing.
  2. ehagendorff

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    Hey spunFIN. I recently started using the editor in ArmA III to make missions and your script pack has made it MUCH easier for me to create dynamic and exciting missions. I have been using the militarize and fillhouse scripts with great results, the missions I have created with them have been some of the best my friends and I have played (self created). The flash GUI for the scripts has been a HUGE help for me learning scripting and mission making, I really appreciate all of your hard work on this great package. After getting the hang of things I recently tried implementing the reinforcementChopper script. Simply implementing it was working great, I tied it to a trigger and the reinforcements arrived and unloaded at the LZ without a problem, I set Kavala as their target and they started off on foot from Neri. I set myself as a target and they followed my every move on foot. What I would like to do now is be able to have them get in vehicles and follow me to Kavala. I figured all I would have to do for this is add player in for the group and once the AI disembark from the chopper they would be added to my group under my control and I could have them jump in a vehicle and command them. I'm sure I am just doing something wrong and its a super simple thing in my syntax I'm missing, but the script only works when the group value is set to nil. The chopper lands all the units disembark and immediately move to the target. If I change the group value from nil to player the chopper spawns and hovers above me. If I change it to a group that doesn't exist the chopper spawns and flies in a circle around the LZ. Here is a copy of the current line I am having trouble with: nul = [player,false,1,3,false,true,player,"random",850,true,false,8,"default",[true,false,false,true],player,nil,nil,false] execVM "LV\reinforcementChopper.sqf"; Working code: nul = [player,false,1,3,false,true,player,"random",850,true,false,8,"default",[true,false,false,true],nil,nil,nil,false] execVM "LV\reinforcementChopper.sqf"; I have everything in the correct place because it calls and activates the script properly. I understand each part of the line (thanks very much to your GUI) and make small incremental changes here and there to fine tune things. These particular lines seem very basic and straightforward. I try not to add too much complexity as I am still new at this. Any help you can provide, as well as your work on this project is greatly appreciated. Thank you.