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  1. That is VERY interesting. Of course, BIS seems to dismiss a lot of great ideas. I really am beginning to wonder about that. ---------- Post added at 03:26 ---------- Previous post was at 03:23 ---------- Totally agree. The next Arma has to be on a multicore / multigpu engine or it just won't be able to compete. Just read some of the threads on the Steam forums. A LOT of people want their money back. This game was WAY over-marketed.
  2. Hunter Rose

    Helicopter physics impressions - simplified

    Yeah, waiting for ACE.
  3. Hunter Rose

    Binocular sway

    Oh, yeah. At 60x, that's not bad. :p It would be hard to hold it that steady. I thought you were talking about normal scopes, etc. at like 4x.
  4. Hunter Rose

    Unrealistic weapons damage

    This. This. This.
  5. Hunter Rose

    Binocular sway

    Says it all. The sway in this game is ridiculous on most items. Reminds me of the game Infiltration, where the scope reticules would go all over the place until you held your breath. It was WAY overdone.
  6. Hunter Rose

    Wrong blast effects for all RPGs.

    He's refering to the old HEAPI rounds. Yeah, some of them pierced and then exploded. But those probably haven't been used since WWII. As for RPG rounds not doing any damage, BS. Its a bomb. Yes, its meant to pierce tanks, but it also has a blast radius outside the armor. Its a tin can with a bunch of explosive in it. Really, its a big HEDP grenade. If it hit at your feet, it would blow your legs off. Firecrackers take off peoples fingers, just think what a firecracker as big as a family sized juice can can do. Think about it. The explosive is just explosive. It goes inwards, forming the stream, and then at the same time it is exploding outwards, causing a blast radius. It is NOT used all up on forming the stream. As for very little explosive, WRONG. Go look at a cut-away of the RPG-7 anti-tank round. That's a LOT of HE plastic.
  7. Hunter Rose

    How to get the most out of ARMA 3 singleplayer?

    There's a single player?
  8. Hunter Rose

    Unrealistic weapons damage

    GAH, tree being mowed down by a 7.62. Damage system definitely needs work.
  9. Hunter Rose

    Wrong blast effects for all RPGs.

    Good excerpt from a book http://www.dnipogo.org/fcs/iraq_and_the_RPG-7.htm "The bursting radius of the antitank round is about 4 meters or 13 feet. Although it has a specifically shaped charge warhead, the concussion, blast effect, and shrapnel are very effective against infantry." So yeah, like any "bomb", it has a rather nasty, effective "blast" range. And blast, with frag or not, can kill.
  10. Hunter Rose

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Sounds like the game is in Console mode. :p
  11. Hunter Rose

    [Vehicle/Aircraft] Improvement Thread

    If you guys really want to know how military aircraft fly, download DCS:World, then get DCS:A-10C and DCS:Black Shark. Very Realistic. And you'll find out that heli's don't try to jump backwards IRL when you try to take off. :p Well, very slightly, but no where near how it is in Arma.