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  1. Looking great I loved A2 I44 and can't wait to try this. If you're still taking suggestions on where to take the mod here are a couple of suggestions although a lot are very ambitious; 1. Fortification strengths and penetration, with the new ballistic models in A3 I can see bunker fortification being the bee knees of this mod (Storming Sevastopol anyone?) 2. The rightful giants of the battlefield returning, Armour and Air. Infantry should be running at the sound of enemy tracks. 3. Russians! 4. If you guys are making new maps heavy forest areas would be awesome or marshes 5. Some of my personal favourite tanks King Tiger, Tiger(s), Stug(s), Jadpathers, KV1s, Panzer IVs, Firefly, T34, Super Pershing(s). (If 1 gets implemented you need Thor and Odin) 6. Ability to equip enemy Uniforms 7. Camouflage ability I have no idea if this can be implemented but if you're near trees you could possibly cover yourself in leaves and shrubs to make yourself harder to spot?. 8. Artillery! Can't believe I almost forgot this! If Fortifications play a bigger role in I44A3 we'll need some proper SP-art and art positions. 9. German speak German, Americans speak English. If this is possible could the team hear the localized language but the enemy would hear English/German commands? The biggest thing I would like to see is a more interesting firefight between fortified positions and being able to pour so much fire on a defensive building that it is render useless to the enemy till the firing ceases. Also seeing art shells penetrate a concrete bunker and then explode inside would be an awesome if not scary sight I remembering reading that Thor was penetrating 2 or 3m of solid concrete :O. Finally with the hand gestures could you guys also add a banter function, yelling at the Jerries that they couldn't hit the board side of a barn would add a little fun to MP.
  2. Peaty

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Benny you're awesome
  3. Peaty

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    We were talking about what we'd like to see in beCTI the other day and I thought a couple of cool ideas came up. * An underwater capture point or small Island capture point (Important wreck? Strategic Island?) Basically an amphibious assault or underwater sneak attack. * Equipment upgrades to come back (Perhaps iron-sights @ level 1 then Thermal scopes + snipers Equipment 3) * Cheaper boats + Cheaper naval factory (No one uses them they are seriously super soft targets) - A note about the above, if larger ships come in then it should be rebalanced but since their are no naval transport units that can transport vehicles they are pretty useless * It's probably a parameter but more than 2 bases would be nice * Softer buildings * FOBs producing quads or IFV (without armaments) * LF2 having more affect (I think it is more of lack of assets in A3 then anything) * Voting in Commander again * Having a parameter that makes gear cost less at barracks but FOBs cost more perhaps 25% or 50% at base and 100%-150% at FOBs. My load out costs $700 sucks especially when you get unlucky twice. * Rewards for killing ANY AI even as little as $5. I can't think of anything else at the moment, some people want a big town or a city to focus the PvP on I think the middle of the island does this job already (AirPort/Lenos/Athira and Garcia?) Perhaps add the electricity station as another town making a nice even 50 town map? Still loving the mission although I really wish the voting Comm was back in as the quickest in the slot is not always the best commander, had a few commanders that have taxed 30% for 4 hours of the game got their nice attack chopper where as we're lucky if we can afford a Marid. P.S Thanks for that quick reply of script sadly I don't own the server or have any access to it :(.
  4. M16, Ak-47 and RPGs should have been included from the beginning and it annoys me that these still aren't in the game. I don't understand BIS's policy on not just buying assets(small $) or receiving them from free from active modellers or even giving out Arma 3 as a gift to those who create fully working replicas. I'm also disappointed that their wasn't a miltia faction which was inflated with Ak47s, Humvees, T72s and whatever else they got their hands on. I'll be really annoyed if they are currently working on these assets as paid DLC especially considering the lack of Assets in A3.
  5. Peaty

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Found an exploit last night, basically if you sell all your gear and suicide you make $200 every 40 seconds. Possible quick fix? Also do Opfor vehicles even have any AA launchers on their Helicopters or is that AA upgrade for the AA mobile tank? I've also heard town occupation past level 1 is bugged although not sure? Also perhaps a town occupation 1 increases the 25% income from unoccupied towns to 40%, then 55% then finally 70%. It's a pain to have AI squad members maxed out all over the map because you desperately need the income. Played last night as Comm think the slot got bugged somehow, am I not meant to have an income unless I tax people? As I was on $0 for 100% player returns. Thanks mate.
  6. Peaty

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    OMG! I thought that meant there was enemy within them. The amount of time I spent searching for nonexistence enemies! Thanks Benny! Appreciate it
  7. Peaty

    Really, BIS?

    I'm more upset about lack of assets, HE and 5.6mm bullets almost completely ineffective except in MASS volume, I understand body armour improving in the years from 2013 to 2035 but unless genetic augmentation is happening they should be dead. I'm also completely disappointed with the whole 'futuristic' aspect of Arma 3 what happened to the laser tank? I just wanted freaking sharks with lazor beams on their heads.
  8. Peaty

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Firstly I love your warfare mission Benny ever since I tried it on OA and currently enjoying it on A3 despite the unfortunate lack of assets on BIS's part although I did find a problem with building placement last night when playing. Turns out you can build towers close to base buildings more specifically the Air factory as I found when a 'friendly' built a tower exploding my freshly build helicopter and risking future helicopter spawns any chance of imposing a no - build zone area around base buildings again like in A2? Secondly currently having played about 4 or 6 games of warfare from the beginning or close to in A3 I think their isn't enough money going around within the first 3 hours of the game as everyone seems to be struggling for cash. I was struggling hard despite having around 15 towns, 5 town captures, 100 kills, no deaths, only a marid and 4 rearm services to my name (50% or 60% income) although late game(4hrs+) we went from 10-$30 min to $250+ is this working as intended? 3) Buildings seem to take ages to destroy without satchels, as getting close enough to planet satchels requires a lot of stealth and luck. 4) Is there a way to upgrade your aircraft when a new upgrade comes out? I bought a Orca thinking that the rocket upgrade was needed not realizing it was a missile :S 5) Is there a way to see what upgrades the Comm already has? 6) AI spawns are very congested generally able to wipe out a whole town spawn with 10 GMG rounds (I've seen mentioned that you were working on this) 7) This is probably already in but can you make sure the major towns (early days don't know names) worth a substantial amount more than the others, more so than Taki in A2 8) Eco upgrades can they be put back in? Still early in A3 development looking forward to what you are doing next.
  9. I personally would love to see a hovercraft capable of transporting one or more tanks plus smaller support vehicles although assets on Land and Air are already servilely lacking and hope BIS don't touch the Naval aspects till the ground game and CAS game are good. Also some more boats and gunboats would be awesome as a sea invasion is the coolest entry to an AO with the exception of Air (Heli).