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    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    Some way to model adrenaline in game would be great. Also some way to turn off or lower fatigue effects for mission makers who feel that it would not be beneficial to gameplay.
  2. Wolfe

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    Yeah but sometimes realism can get in the way of gameplay, which is why it would be nice for the fatigue system to be either scaled according to difficulty or as a module that mission designers could put in. Now that I think about it, fatigue scaling according to difficulty would be a better solution.
  3. Wolfe

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    Maybe it could be a module like the advanced first aid in ArmA 2, That way missions designers can choose for themselves if the fatigue effects have a positive or negative impact on mission gameplay. There was this one mission i played where it got really annoying after awhile because there were no transports and in order to complete the mission you had to have really heavy gear.