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  1. Hi guys, I'd love to test this Addon, however - I fail on install. I install as Admin, but on start I get an error - "You don't appear to have the English Speech Recognizer". I am running a German Windows 64Bit. Its Home Premium, and it seems I cannot additional language packs with W7 Home Premium. Any chance to get this running on a German W7? Or is there a setting Thanks
  2. L()ki


    Great stuff, one of the most professional mods with great potential. I am looking forward to see BWMod develop. Thanks
  3. L()ki

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Fantastic, I had been looking for so long for such an add-on. Thanks a lot Just two quick question - When I load LEA I get a message that an update for Arma is available. That confuses me, as I would assume that this up-to-date by Steam. I am on the dev-branch, is this the reason? - I did try to add a new Add-on. All went fine, except LEA points out that image file cannot be empty. Am I doing something wrong, or is this because the add-on does not provide such an image? Thanks again
  4. Does anyone know how/when PWS updates their repositories? There's a lot of cool stuff available, when you check at armaholic, however the A3-Addon section in PWS is pretty small Thx
  5. L()ki

    Napoleonic Mod 0.1 Alpha

    Super Icewindo, that opens new perspectives. Too sad that you cannot work on that. I hope that someone picks that up
  6. Great mod, looking forward to the next update. I'd also like to see AridFleck