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  1. 14 hours ago, p-hienz said:

    Why do you guys keep ruining these awesome textures when you port them into the game? I've seen reskins of these models with higher rez skins, they look amazing compared to the vanilla IFA3 skins. The FOW models are better as well.


    "Low quality textures" is the small price to pay for, free and in a timely manner the contents of Iron Front 1944, so that the community can benefit from it.




    That said a personal note, I found your comment somewhat disrespectful given the commitment of the team in general, outside seems all the easier but, I can assure you that the workload is really impressive. The information you need is all in the opening post, not having read it, is not an acceptable excuse and does not make your question less silly.

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  2. 8 hours ago, Gunter Severloh said:


    Is the new map Sark based on any country, or place from WW2, perhaps Belgium?



    Hi :grinning:, the goal with Sark was to create a map that would be suitable for various types of gameplay and which would recall different European settings but at the same time keep the original style of the island, so in the end the answer to your question is yes, it is inspired by several countries :wink_o: Enjoy it!

  3. 50 minutes ago, Bish91 said:

    That's amazing! Would be awesome if you could upload that as a template with the objects placed down !

    thanks a lot, initially I thought to release it as a template, but as I wrote, you get to 10 fps (even less) and in my opinion is really annoying


    27 minutes ago, xxgetbuck123 said:

    Overall though doesn't look too bad, I myself have been in the editor on I44 Omaha and noticed it wasn't very grassy at all. The IFA3L Omaha has all the nice tall grass, flowers etc.. 

    it is true, the other version has more bushes and trees but is lacking in terms of buildings, I have tried over and over again with IFA3 version but I can not get the same result


    34 minutes ago, xxgetbuck123 said:

    EDIT: Also you'd probably have to re-do it all and place the objects as map objects in a terrain making tool rather than just in the editor. 

    It is exactly what I feared..

  4. Hello to all, the other day I was playing on I44 OMAHA V2 a map that I always liked in Arma 2, however, did not give me the feeling of realism and live environment so I started using the editor to add vegetation, trees and buildings . The map is large and placing all those objects penalizes the performance of my pc making me move in the editor at 10 fps. Is there an easy way to "update" the map and maybe one day, release it to the community with the necessary permits .... I leave you a few screenshots I'd like to have your opinions


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  5. 5 hours ago, burnes15th said:

    Btww if theres anything you want to have explained/demonstrated in blender modelling or arma modding please feel free to suggest it as a tutorial topic here 




    And i will make a tutorial video on it in the near future


    I personally would like specific tutorial on the tanks start to finish, inside and outside, I know it's really a lot of work but I would like to contribute to the growth of the community, and being a beginner I always seem to have done something wrong. If you have time I will send in PM screenshots of some model that I made and according to your experience tell me where I'm wrong or where I can improve and when to share your tips with everyone.

  6. I just saw your video, I state that I know nothing of codes or other but I think the reason why the plane did not take off right away is because there is a specific point on the runway to start the take-off and probably when he teleports on the runway is too far from the ideal point. I hope I have helped you..


    Ps Mod exceptional has dramatically changed for the better ARMA 3

    Thank you

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