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  1. -FW- Shaanguy

    ArmA 2/3 money (Buy a gun)

    well yes and no you should probably use setVariable in multiplayer for more info here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setVariable
  2. -FW- Shaanguy

    Dialog ListBox little help needed

    um checking, wow i am playing ArmA series like 6 years!, still didn't knew these dialog scripts i guess. x) By Fight9 that's right, well i am not good at dialog scripting. thank's for the more information in above fight9 THE NERD MODE
  3. listbox, on click button any other way without using ( switch & case ), to find the item's script :D this is the code what i am using now :) switch (lbCurSel 1500) do { case 0: {hint "ITEM 1 = FILE";}; case 1: {hint "ITEM 2 = SOMETHING ELSE";}; default {hint "?";}; }; the problem here is, in a object's init, there is action = "Take File", when i take that file, it will be added to my listbox, but if I take a other item before "Take File" object, case 0 will be = ITEM 2 SOMETHING ELSE, and then if i use the action "Take File", case 1 will be the FILE :D, so i cant use case, is there a another method O_o ANY BROKEN WORD HERE? SORRY FOR THAT Solved = DID'NT WORK
  4. is Profilenamespace is used only in singleplayer ? what i am trying to say is, if there is 5 player's in a multiplayer server i would like to use profilenamespace only one player, i just named a player : testman just wana use the profilenamespace only the testman, on multiplayer , but how could i do that? can i type something like this O_o :confused: (testman profilenamespace) setVariable ["SomeVariable", SomeValue]; would this work only for him?, just wana know some information about this ;D, hope can someone tell me more understandable information's, :)
  5. -FW- Shaanguy

    Dialog (Listbox) ??

    i posted another problem on this comment, but i couldn't get any replies, and this thread is really old, so i made a other thread here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?190720-Dialog-ListBox-little-help-needed&p=2917440#post2917440
  6. -FW- Shaanguy

    Dialog (Listbox) ??

    thanks all, your all scripts worked
  7. spawn_dialog.hpp spawn_defines.hpp spawn_settings.sqf // on load 2 = lbAdd [1500, "Rifleman"]; 1 = lbAdd [1500, "Sniper"]; spawn // button clicked // Nothing i wanted to make a listbox condition when i clicked the button, something like this: _lbselected = SPAWN_DIALOG lbIsSelected 1500; if (_lbselected == "Sniper") then {BLA BLA BLA}; something like that, this dialog is about before spawning, selecting classes, i did 2 , --- Rifleman & Sniper --- SOLVED = TRUE OTHER PROBLEM: well this post solved, but there is a other problem, here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?190720-Dialog-ListBox-little-help-needed&p=2917440#post2917440 Sorry for a new thread, the other problem
  8. Posted By t-800a oh yeah my mistake, but i tried this: player addAction [ "<img image='' width='32' height='32'/> Pickup Something", "Pickup_Something.sqf", [], 1, false, false, "", "{locked _x == true} count (nearestObjects [getPos _target,'C_Offroad_01_F',5]) > 0" ];
  9. used this: player addAction [ "<img image='' width='32' height='32'/> Pickup Something", "Pickup_Something.sqf", [], 1, false, false, "", "{_x getVariable 'test' > 1} count (nearestObjects [getPos _target,'Land_PaperBox_closed_F',5]) > 0" ]; i did this setVariable ["test" 1]; in the init of the object but still the addaction does not appears, am i doing something wrong here?
  10. -FW- Shaanguy

    Variable Checking Problem (Help!!)

    woah i think i am knowing some more information about variables, thanks JShock
  11. TestIDS = []; TestIDS = TestIDS + [player addAction["<img image='MyPicture.paa' width='32' height='32'/> Pickup Something", "Pickup_Something.sqf", [], 1, false, false, "", "count (_name = nearestobjects [_target, ["CLASSNAME"], 5]) != 0 && _name getVariable 'something' = 4"]]; the problem here is that i cant give a name, i wanted to if the object is locked or getVariable "something" < 5 then the addaction appears, O_o ....................................
  12. -FW- Shaanguy

    Variable Checking Problem (Help!!)

    thanks all for the variable informations, i am not good at pro scripting variables, but i know the basics :D, i am having a other problem also, is there anyway to set a variable to that Bla1 like [["BLA1", 53],["BLA2", 45]] and remove like this >_> // 24- from BLA1, like that maybe, player setVariable ["INV", (player getVariable "INV") - ["BLA1", 24]];
  13. -FW- Shaanguy

    Variable Checking Problem (Help!!)

    Thanks This works if ("BLA1" in (player getVariable "INV")) then { Hint "you have BLA1!"; }; now to find a way how to remove a variable xD,
  14. in my init.sqf all i want is to make my own inventory made up from script, like Wasteland Inventory, the problem here is, my two steps are correct, but step three is incorrect, i dont know how to check the item!? :butbut: in my scripted INV, it has to be like this if (player getVariable "INV" == "BLA1") then {BLA BLA BLA}; _otherItems = ["BLA1","BLA2","BLA3"]; player setVariable ["INV", _otherItems]; and then i went back to the game, and used this code Hint format ["%1", player getVariable "INV"]; well the hint works fine, it shows the inventory objects , so i putted a addaction to a unit, this addaction ["Check BLA1","Checker.sqf"]; Checker.sqf if (player getVariable "INV" == BLA1) then { Hint "you have BLA1!"; }; init.sqf // Worked! Hint // Worked! Checker.sqf: Checking if i have the item // Not working! I dont know how to check the item O_o, For Newbies: remember i am using my own inventory system made up from script, not game inventory xD
  15. -FW- Shaanguy

    addaction condition (not working) help!

    Thanks TittErS It worked! :D Thanks for more information Heeeere's Johnny!