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  1. What interface size do you use? I've tried normal and large at 16:9 1600x900 and the UI is still cropped.


    Selecting already placed objects is extremely difficult compare to how easy it was in v0.6 alpha. The Ctrl+LMB for height was more responsive when it was LMB+RMB. It now takes meany mouse slides to get the desired height.

    Although the new Fencing feature is outstanding along with the drop down objects list.

  2. Saint-Laurent-Sur-Mer





    For users of the Iron Front: Liberation 1944 + D-Day DLC conversion for Arma 3.

    Are you tired of the same old town in the D-Day DLC? Now you can use this template to add the neighboring town of Saint Laurent! Town contains a church tower and great flanking opportunities. You're free to change things to your liking.




    Unzip file into your Arma 3 missions folder. Two versions of the Template are provided.

    C:\Users\username\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\userprofile\missions






    *Template does not represent actual location being portrayed in any way shape or form. Performance may very and I am not responsible for implosion of users personal computer.

  3. When you have the Steam version of both Iron Front: Liberation 1944 + D-Day DLC and are NOT using Pw6. For Arma III only


    The conversion tool creates the following mod folders;



    @if_other_addons<<<not needed

    Updating to patch 1.07 creates the following mod folders;


    You need to download the fallowing mod folders separately;



    Also the always required;


    All those mods should be in the main Amra III directory.

    Pw6 places mods in the Arma3 documents folder(I think).

    Example startup parameters:


  4. i know surely ,that you are aware to the missing US tank's trooper and pilot character, i tried to search on issues tracker but i dont found it, do you want that i open a new ticket?

    I could be wrong. I think they're making new models for US tankers and pilot. Much like the main infantry. Again, I could easily be wrong. I believe their plan is to remove the need for the official DLC.

  5. Santa Six: I'm sure that's the one he was talking about, I've experienced that too. What exactly caused that?

    Also, is anyone running JW Custom's mission on their server? I'd like to swing by and throw down on some play time.

    The mod was never meant for Arma III. The handAnim directory was changed in the mess of IF mod folders and configs. So the Garand couldn't find what I put and panicked into Stretch Armstrong. I hope you can ignore it a bit longer till the fix release.