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  1. Just admit, Zeus just looks much cooler.
  2. The only way to combine them is to change the units faction. That will break Every mission for Iron Front to that day. Maybe this Arma III version of Iron Front can be content only to restart it with proper blu/red/ind factions. I don't know maybe.
  3. Fabio_Chavez like you, I also do things manually. I like to know where things are. You have to ease off a bit. You're coming off strong there. Why are you talking about installation? Modders have converted the Arma 2 maps and units for Arma III without the need of AiA. Im just saying cut out the middle man(A2/AiA) for IF as well. Nobody likes the middle man. (Unless you're the middle man of course)
  4. That's fair but.. Does everyone also get Arma 3 characters for IF us army? What's the point in SA-AiA? Most of Arma 2 is being properly ported into Arma 3 anyways. That same conversion process can be done to IF. Im sure PsychoPigeon would appreciate this method;)
  5. Santa Six

    Foliage Camouflage System

    Now that Iron Front runs under Arma 2. Can you make it work for IF vehicles?
  6. I haven't been following this thread so apologies if this was already mentioned. Us units are arma 3 Blufor models. Is this normal as it's wip? Also, Will the conversion tool be changed to put the IF mod directly into Arma 3 one day?
  7. You guy know how to make my pants all jizzy :eek: Sorry, that usually never happens to me:o
  8. Santa Six

    Napoleonic Mod 0.1 Alpha

    !!URGENT!! I know you're finished with this but... Reloading while prone gives a faster animation resulting in a high ROF. I didn't try reloading in the first build in that position. So I don't know if the bug was already there. Also, going from crouch to prone while reloading results in an awkward position. If your truly done i'd recommend going back to the first build.
  9. Santa Six

    More Russian Weapons Arma 3

    Now, how do I put them into a crate. Without non of that Vcrate nonsense.
  10. Santa Six

    Napoleonic Mod 0.1 Alpha

    @tyl3r99 Unfortunately he added this to his main post. Hope someone picks it up.
  11. Santa Six

    Napoleonic Mod 0.1 Alpha

    I finally signed up to post on this darn website as well! Damn you and your muskets(jk jk) That simple mission is the most fun I've had in Arma 3. Never have I missed from 10 feet away after taking my time to aim. This NEEDS to be on the scale of Invasion 1944. You're my Top Modder of 2013.