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  1. Why is the download more than 2 gigabytes? It's only 12.8Km. Other bigger maps are a 1/4 the size file. Why so big, can you optimize it?
  2. This is fantastic! I'm terribly sick of every Arma III maps being nothing but hills. This will go well with the Iron Front: Liberation 1944 WWII mod. It already has two Ukrain maps but this is better!
  3. Santa Six

    Jurassic Arma - Raptor Pack

    Can I recommend a short bow and a bone knife? TUROK!!! Anyone know of a heavy foliage map for this? That Vietnam one is still missing it's undergrowth :(
  4. Santa Six

    BWI Addons - Aircraft & Vehicles

    Look here http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?171865-Ivory-Aircraft Are you two using the same borrowed Iris model?
  5. Santa Six

    Ivory Aircraft

    Look here http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?179591-BWI-Addons-Aircraft-amp-Vehicles Are you two using the same borrowed Iris model?
  6. I don't have Arma 2 on steam. Are these beta patches incompatible with my version of Arma 2? Am I stuck with patch 112555 until release(god knows when)?
  7. Yes. Also, are you open for submissions like texture, sound, or config changes for the mod?
  8. Are you guys planning to hide the Arma 3 content as well?
  9. Is the AiA stand alone more optimized and stable than the one that links A2 to A3? Can you take a quick look are the Ju87's zasleh_2 animation textures? All other vehicles fire effects are fine. Again thanks for the updates.
  10. Is there still no way to skip Arma 2 with AiA-sa and the released content pack?
  11. If it has PhysX and other advanced changes, will it still run fine only in Arma 2?
  12. Where are muzzle files located and how or from where are they called on? Everything seems to share the same BIS_effects_rifle in the configs. Are they attached to the model, mag, or bullet? (I searched for "muzzle effect" and nothing came up)
  13. Santa Six

    Olds' Configs for Newbs

    I downloaded Excel Viewer to open it. Is that they way it should be done or is there another program. I hate all the unfinished help out there for arma modding. Thanks for your attempt on streamlining it.
  14. Playing WoT made me want a French faction addon. mainly for the tanks and awkward guns. wiki list
  15. Request threads are nothing more then "see how many things you can name" lists. PoorOldSpike see if you can use the Abandoned property law system to claim it.
  16. Santa Six

    Ivory Aircraft

    BIS needs to update their material for glass.
  17. Santa Six

    Jurassic Arma

    It's cool but too flashy for Arma III with too much going on. Looks like a child's T-shirt design for the gift ship. I'd say just a Silhouette of the T-Rex's head (not the skull) and the mods name not Arma III. Keep the obvious three slashes.
  18. Santa Six

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    Going by the screens and videos you guys have posted a while back. I expected what's show in the video to have been implemented already. Is this you guys just saying, "we're still here"? I know the main force is still with I44A2.
  19. Looks good. But why lean into Dayzism. The first pics scream it. The other ones look fantastic!
  20. Santa Six

    C-RAM for Arma 3!!!!

    That system is almost gone. He are going to the age of LASERS!
  21. Santa Six

    Jurassic Arma

    YES! Who cares about star wars, it's a god damn Tyrannosaurus rex! Something of this caliber needs a team. An A-Team! . The title of the move is false. The Dinosaurs in the movies dates it to the Cretaceous Period and not Jurassic. Maybe S. Spielberg chose the cooler sounding time period.
  22. I will resume any updates in the main release forum only. Go here to check for updates. http://ironfront.forumchitchat.com/post/san6sounds-6723840