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  1. Hey GOP, 

    I know this is out of the blue, but I really admire your work and your ability to script really well. By chance can you give me a hand with some issues I'm having with some AI aircraft? I'm trying to get Pook's Soviet Air Planes to drop bombs, I can get forceWeaponfire to work and fireAtTarget to work to a certain extent however whenever working with multi-seater aircraft especially ones with 2+ crew inside nothing seems to work for me. I understand ASL to a certain extent, but I'm still a basic understanding of it. As for what I'm working with it's the pook_tu22_RU with the bombs pook_FABLauncher.  Also if you can, can you help me understand how to make a spawn object script for dropping bombs as well for the USAF mod GBU-43/B which has no vehicle that can hold it. Thank you for your time.

    1. LaggersJR


      So looking through the vanilla assets, there isn't an aircraft that is a multi-crew seater. And even with the vanilla helicopters using the Y-32, I'm still struggling to get it to work with multi-seat units. Though as a side note the vanilla aircraft (single seat) I have gotten it to work. Still unsure how to properly use the BIS_fnc_fire maybe that would work? 

      Thank you for your time.