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  1. Would it be possible to filter units by the mods they are using?


    There is a particular mod that I want to use and I want to join a unit using that mod.


    It is very stressful when you join the unit, play with that mod then it is removed.


    Thank you.

  2. Hi all,


    This time I would like to know what should be your codes for spawning an enemy group when the player kills a civilian. Interpret that as the civilian's family and friends coming to take revenge.


    I am using Bangabob's COS - Civilian Occupation System, I am not placing civilian units on the map, in the editor, so, I presume I can't edit their init field.

    I am also using Bangabob's EOS - Enemy Occupation system.

    Both EOS and COS require that you place triggers on the map, which will serve as their spawn points. Somehow they recognize house interiors so, units respawn inside house if you config to do so. Really amazing.

    I am also using CBA and ACE.

    There could be a delay between killing the civilian and the spawn of the enemy group.

    The spawn point should be the nearest village/base but not the current village/base. Or the nearest trigger on the mao, which I use as the spawn points to EOS or COS ?



    @Leopard20 @opusfmspol @stburr91 @froggyluv @Play3r @vilas

    Since you have provided great help the other day, I would like to invite you to this discussion but, pls feel free to move on with this idea or not if you will. 


  3. Insightful brainstorm @stburr91!

    I have followed you line and made a line of many terrorists, each one with a different init script, covering all the ideas that were exposed here.


    For my selection of mods, the code that produces the fastest reaction was:



    doStop this; 
    this disableAI "move"; 
    this setUnitPos "UP"; 
    this setBehaviour "COMBAT"; 
    this addEventHandler ["Dammaged", {h1 setCaptive false}];

    I was impressed by having the combat behavior assigned as well but, if you put in perspective it is not that bad. I mean, if the terrorist finds any BLUEFOR around he will shoot ... it could be. Since his movement is disabled then he is hunting for BLUEFOR all the time and will shoot the hostage at the moment the hostage becomes BLUEFOR. It also creates the tactical option of allowing players using ghillies to crawl closer to the hostage in order to do a better assessment of the situation.


     Also, I was thinking about that if (_shooter == player) thing. Then I have thought about a possible scenario where the player doesn't know the hostage is there, calls mortar fire, the explosion damages the terrorist. The terrorist would still shoot the hostage isn't it?


    I was also thinking about having a trigger to make the the terrorists shoot anyway if the player gets too close but, it is not the case of getting too close. It is a matter of the terrorists finding the BLUEFOR of not.


    About using ghillies to remain unseen, vanilla ones were not working but the ones in my mod are 🙂


    Any other evolution ideas?

  4. Hi all, thank you for the ideas, tku @Play3r for the mission.

    It is even better than before bust still they don't shoot the hostage if I shoot the terrorists in the leg with a pistol. The leg-pistol combo seems to be the issue.


    At this point I am using:


    Init for hostage h1: 

    this setcaptive true; doStop this; this disableAI "move"; this setUnitPos "UP";

    Init for bandit b1:

    doStop this; 
    this disableAI "move"; 
    this addEventHandler ["Dammaged", { 
     params ["_unit", "", "", "", "", "_shooter"]; 
     if (_shooter == player) then { 
      h1 setCaptive false ;
    [] spawn { 
    b2 doTarget H1;   
    b2 forceWeaponFire [weaponState b2 select 1, weaponState b2 select 2];}; }; 

    Init for bandit b2:

    doStop this; 
    this disableAI "move"; 
    this addEventHandler ["Dammaged", { 
     params ["_unit", "", "", "", "", "_shooter"]; 
     if (_shooter == player) then { 
      h1 setCaptive false ;
    [] spawn { 
    b1 doTarget H1;   
    b1 forceWeaponFire [weaponState b1 select 1, weaponState b1 select 2];}; }; 

    I have replaced Play3r's Bluefor player by a CSAT Marksman. For testing I have made the player be OPFOR so that I can get closer and shoot a leg with the pistol. Bandits are INDEPENDENT and I have made it be friends with OPFOR. Hostage is BLUEFOR. 


  5. Hey @Leopard20, the result is very weird ... If I shoot the terrorist on the chest, he falls on the ground but doesn't die, then the other terrorist shoots the hostage. Good! It is already an improvement.

    However, if I restart the mission and shoot the same terrorist's leg with a pistol then no one shoots the hostage.


    Does this code has something to do with the total damage per shoot?


    Sorry I am not a scripter and can't understand very well BI's Wiki's. I need the full explanation for rookies, like create a folder here and name it this, then paste this into the init field and bla bla.


    I am using ACE and CBA.

  6. Hi @Play3r,


    The player is a BLUEFOR sniper still kilometers away from the hostage. He and his group will still have to plan the operation and etc. So, they will chose whether to shoot from a distance, get in CQB range, use flashbangs, etc. But, I want everything to be possible.


    The hostage h1 is an AI BLUEFOR.

    The bandits b1 and b2 are AI OPFOR, 5 meters away from the hostage h1.

  7. Hi @stburr91,


    Thank you for the reply, I think you are almost there.


    I have shot one of the terrorists but he hasn't died and, the other terrorist didn't shoot the hostage. Well, I believe the second one should have shot isn't it?


    So, I think I should rephrase what I have just asked.



    When you kill one terrorist, the other shoots the hostage.



    When you shoot or hurt  one terrorist, the other shoots the hostage.



  8. Hi all,

    I want to do a mission with 1 AI hostage and 2 AI terrorists. The terrorists are pointing at the hostage but they don't shoot. When you kill one terrorist, the other shoots the hostage.

    I don't want to use triggers detecting bluefor presence because I want to have snipers eliminating the terrorists from long distance, simultaneously. 

    How would you make this work?

  9. Understood, thank you for the insights.


    In this case, the system could simply spawn the default version of that vehicle, not the edited one. I mean, in the Editor you can change or edit the crew but for the respawn purpose the vehicle could come as the default hardcoded one, like set in the cfgVehicles. If the AI disembarks then leave it, no need to delete it or so, for he will die anyway.


    Would that eliminate the necessity for looping scripts?

  10. Hi Pierre,


    The idea is to do some sortof "APC Operations", more or less using the features you already have.


    1) You start the game by the side of an APC. Its crew inside: driver, gunner, commander, and 2 additional crew members.

    2) You go somewhere and call the APC to pick you up. Set task as goal?

    3) The APC must fight its way and shoots infantry with cannon on the way.

    4) If the APC is destroyed then it needs to respawn at base with its crew inside. Today, many modules have this module but after respawn the menus disappear.

    5) If one of your team members is hurt, the 2 spare crew members eject the APC with a white flag and heal the hurt person then go back to the APC. Currently they do not return to the APC. Or, they carry the hurt AI or player to inside the apc.

    6) The APC maintains the taxi options menu on multiplayer. Today the module is not working for me on MP.


    With just that, HALO and a script to respawn inside the APC you can already create many cool missions or define tasks as goals on the run 🙂


    Very clever choice of modules by the way!

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  11. Hi Pierre, thank you for the mod.


    I have placed a pick up marker to call for a chopper, gogogo it came but it didn't land so I couldn't board. And, the taxi module doesn't have a call option.


    Do you have any other great idea about how to call for extraction. 


    Forget about bi module because if the vehicle is destroyed then it respawns without the crew.