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    Community Ballistics

    Hello fellow ballisticians, Even more important than velocities are bullet drops, and I´ve seen no one up to now correctly calculating them with their sims. I mean no one has come with the definite in game drop values formulas. You can have different impact velocities if your time of flight is right because you can admit bullets decelerates and them accelerates again due to the fall.
  2. Oh man I´ve already read kilometers of config files ... so I can´t remember. I might have seen it in one of those nonsense config files.
  3. Hey gammadust, It´s perfectly possible and I have already done that. ;) I have created an ingame ballistics lab for tests like this one of yours. In the CfgAmmo... For a projectile with a flat trajectory (allows me to measure pure x axis deceleration due to airfriction when shooting at 0 elevation) I use: coefGravity = 0; For a projectile with zero deceleration (allows me measure gravity only effects) I use: airFriction = 0; For a projectile with zero deceleration and zero gravity (allows me to measure the engine´s variability of initspeed and the true rifle´s elevation) I use: coefGravity = 0; and airFriction = 0; Most curious thing is that a bullet with airfriction and coefgravity greater than 0 will hit targets exactly at the same velocity as if you zero its gravity. And up to now there is no one in the world calculating in game trajectory right. People only tell the formulas but no one prove them right. BTW I prove them wrong. Any ideas will be wellcome.
  4. quickdagger

    Cosmos Engine; This Mod Blew Me Away

    hahahahaahahahaha wow!!!!! Very nice!!!!! Now those aliens mod and Star Wars mods from A2 will make sense! Can you imagine an Xcom Ufo Deffence mod for A3? With the final fase being invading the aliens fortress on the Moon? Or an SW mod with space shuttles battles? BTW I can config the laser guns if you want! hahahahaha excelent. Keep it up dude!!!!
  5. I can see from the A3 forum you´ve used 9,81m/s2 as gravity and 0% Humidity. Making an enormous ammount of tests I came up with coefGravity = 1.09; in the configs in order to make game drops match better real life drops. The curious part of it is that dividing 9,81 by 1,09 you come up with precisely 9,00000m/s2. Too accurate to be coincidence. That´s why I believe BI uses gravity of 9 and it is hardcoded somewhere, just to refrain game players from using the game as an accurate simulator. About Humidity, there´s never 0%, most sims use 78% instead. And I haven´t seen you mention sight height either. It also affects POI. Mixing these 3 factors might be reason why your calculations differ from game collected results. Oh, and I forgot to mention I use a test rifle with zero dispersion and ammo with zero dispersion too. Oh, and one more thing that might also help you. You should use: simulationstep = 0.1; instead of the default 0.04, so that you might increase FPS. But, pay attention, because changing simulationstep might also change the bullets trajectory.
  6. Thank you Ruthberg. OK, now I´ve done as you told but the results are still a bit out. Bellow you can see ATrag results compared to real game values (ACE wind drift turned off): Dist ATragMX Game m MIL MIL 100 -2,0 -1,9 200 -1,0 -1,1 300 0,0 0,0 400 1,2 1,2 500 2,7 2,5 600 4,1 4,1 700 5,6 5,7 800 7,4 7,6 900 9,5 9,7 1000 11,7 12,1 The difference of 0,4 Mil´s at 1000 meters is 0,4 m or 40 cm or 16". Possibly a miss, not to mention wind. Would you mind sharing your equations please, so that we could think together?
  7. Hey Ruthberg, I´ve done as you told but it doesn´t allow me to set zero Abs Elev as you can see here: As a result, my desired 300 m zero is not "zeroed" as you can see here: Any clue?
  8. quickdagger

    FRL_Air mod WIP

    Sounds promising! Keep it up egg!
  9. Great Ruthberg Have you ever considered adding Dagger Ballistics ammo to your library? http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24600
  10. quickdagger

    Advanced Ballistics (WIP)

    Very nice. Adding to the soup: Besides humidity (saturation) and temperature, air pressure changes with elevation and wind. The more wind the lower the fluid ´s (air) pressure (Bernoulli´s principle). And also gravity changes depending on where you are on the globe, being the Earth an ellipses instead of a perfect round sphere. On Arma 2 OA, BI uses the gravity factor of 9,0000 m/s2, so you might consider using coefGravity = 1.09; in order to fix it to 9,81 m/s2. And the BC´s are not constant, as I´m sure you know, they change with speed, specially around the transonic ones and depending a lot on the form factors. The game engine does not simulate it, for it uses, in the configs, the parameter airFriction as being a constant, while in real life it´s not. On my experiments, due to this limitation the MAPE - Mean Average Percentage Error of ACE ammo and real life ones get around 5%. Despite the level of detail you might be pursuing I quite appreciate your offer and make votes you be well succeed man!
  11. Hello people, I´m Dagger and I come to you to ask for help. I have released Dagger Scopes (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19844), which brings more than 50 new reticles to to more than 240 weapons of 12 mods, and counting. The problem is I can´t put ACE sight adjustment to work with only a small number of weapons and, because of that I can not make additional scopes to more mods as people are asking me. I would quite appreciate should someone help me with the configs and, say, put the "RH_mk14ebrsp_sd" and the "ACR_AW_308" (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=14975) Problem Description When you enable my mod, RH_mk14ebrsp_sd works fine until you start making sight adjustments for elevation and windage. The shots start going to your feet. Robalo has made a wonderfull work but it does not work with every weapon (ie: PUKFL115A3 does not keep the original sound or the animated bipod feature or you can´t see through Robert Hammer´s silenced MK14 "RH_mk14ebrsp_sd"). I will thank you a lot and I will mention anyone who could help on the next release of Dagger Scopes. Hope to hear from you guys!
  12. Hello Vilas, how are you?! I´m just passing by to tell you I´ve made scopes for your Western weapons package as you´ve requested some time ago in Armaholic. Since I´m new to BI Forums they don´t let me post links here but you can find them under: Armaholic->Download->Arma 2 Arrowhead files->Addons->Weapons->Dagger Scopes I hope you enjoy! Keep it up!
  13. Hello, I´m new to BI forums but I´d like to help, maybe, some of you wishing to have some new sniper rifles reticles. For an obvious reason I haven´t read all the more than 500 pages on this thread so I could only guess there might be someone here willing to have some new sniper scopes around. In case you are interested, I´ve done them, and you can download´em on Armaholic as Dagger Scopes. Sorry, for BI does not allow me posting the link. Just keep it up guys!