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    Recoil Config

    Yeah i did, that's the link on the first post. It doesn't work.
  2. quickdagger

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    Thank you dudes! So, that code is even better than I thought. Oh sorry I haven't checked that one.
  3. quickdagger

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    Now I see another reason for the disguise thing. If enemy spawn is triggered by distance to the player then, the player can not use the UAV to recon deep behind enemy lines. So, that disguise might be the way to recon. It might be nice to spy 3 enemy bases and then tell in which one the friendly POW's are located. And/or to make the UAV to behave like a player?
  4. quickdagger

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    I got it. Thank you Zagor. For example, I could create a blue NATO version of CSAT this way, right? Floros, I have grouped a CSAT soldier to a NATO player and then pasted the code into the init field of the NATO player. Bang! CSAT became blue NATO. Nice approach! It has all lead me to think whether would it be possible to have a white list item or uniform that, when you dress, you become another faction. You know, to work like spy clothes for an infiltration mission or something. Or, to kill the enemy and then use their clothes to enter a base for example. I have found this: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/171723-espionage-script/ But the links are broken and, it is from 2014 so, I wonder whether all those stuff would still work after all game updates through these years. I believe I am not being off topic because I want to test how it is to trigger an EOS marker spawning CSAT while I am using CSAT uniforms and, how it is to trigger an EOS marker spawning NATO forces while I am using NATO uniforms. Or vice-versas.
  5. quickdagger

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    [2,1,250,WEST] Instead of WEST, what should be the world for independents? GUERRILLA, INDEP, INDEPENDENT, INDEPENDENTS?
  6. quickdagger

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    OK, I have solved my problem by accident and I will share it here. It works with EM Buildings and MBG Kill Houses. But, the sequence you place the assets matter. 1) First delete all markers. 2) Then place the buildings you want. 3) Only as the last step, add the markers.
  7. quickdagger

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    I wonder why AI doesn't spawn inside MBG Kill houses. Because I remember A2, when AI from other scripts used to spawn inside MBG Kill houses. So, I presume MBG has that positioning, path finding thing. My noob question is how to make EOS work with MBG.
  8. quickdagger

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    I didn't even know it exists. AI positions and pathing? In this case, would you mind, please, sharing some buildings mod you know of, which come with this pathing thing? I ask that because default buildings are not good for CQB missions, they are rather too small incomplete, with only parts of the buildings being enterable. It is a bit of a shame because there are so many cool exteriors like factories and such. I want to make a simple dynamic environment: you fool around engaging patrols and, when you meet big buildings you enter CQB. After you clear it, a few friendlies pop up.
  9. quickdagger

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    Now I am trying to make EOS house groups spawn inside EM Buildings but, they don't. Is there a way? I have placed a hospital building and a marker called "cqb_1" over it but, units are not spawning.
  10. quickdagger

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    Hi zagor64bz It works!!!!! Perfect! Thank you!
  11. quickdagger

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    Hi Bangabob, Thank you for the very nice script. Simple, right to the point, only realistic useful features, no bs. Please, is it possible to change the spawned units when you clear a sector? I mean, once I occupy key sectors like an airfield_marker_1, then it pops up friendly units. No big deal, just same sintax, same parameters, etc. It would be something like this: if marker = red, then null = [["MARKERNAME"],[2,1,70],[0,1],[1,2,30],[2,60],[2],[1,0,10],[1,0,250,EAST]] call EOS_Spawn; if marker = blue, then null = [["MARKERNAME"],[2,1,70],[0,1],[1,2,30],[2,60],[2],[1,0,10],[2,1,250,WEST]] call EOS_Spawn; The reason why I ask that is that I can create some mission progression. For example, Players start as infantry (no vehicles), then they secure an airfield, friendly infantry and vehicles spawn, now players can use them. I have checked some pages here but, not all the 53. :)
  12. quickdagger

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    Same problem here. I have used: class customClass2 { side = 3; //0 = CIV, 1 = BLU, 2 = OPF, 3 = IND men[] = {"I_dgrfaction19_Soldier1_01","I_dgrfaction19_Soldier1_01","I_dgrfaction19_Soldier1_01","I_dgrfaction19_Soldier1_01"}; men2[] = {"dgr_mortar_army19","dgr_mortar_army19"}; men3[] = {""}; menSF[] = {"I_Idgrfaction19_Soldier5_01","I_Idgrfaction19_Soldier5_01","I_Idgrfaction19_Soldier5_01","I_Idgrfaction19_Soldier5_01"}; divers[] = {""}; cars[] = {"dgr_offroad_army19","dgr_truck_army19","dgr_apc_army19"}; tanks[] = {"dgr_apc_army19"}; helicopters[] = {"dgr_heli_army19"}; planes[] = {"dgr_heli_army19"}; ships[] = {"dgr_boat_army19"}; }; And then I have used on the game logic: nul = [this,3,true,1,100,100,"default",nil,nil,nil,["customClass2"]] execVM "LV\fillHouse.sqf"; I have also tried other options but only ["ALL"] seems to work.
  13. hahahah, yeah it would be nice man! I have started a multiplayer's world's sniper competition mission but i gave up. I don't want to invest time on mission creation but I can share my progress with anyone willing to take an effort on it. I think it deserves some scripting like accounting points for every range, some travel between ranges, etc. You just pm me and I send you the base mission right away.
  14. quickdagger

    Hidden Selections for accessories

    I wanna say here that I have been pursuing this possibility for years now but, with no success either.
  15. @111Insats Dagger or Quickdagger. @spotter001 I have solved the problem, you can try the beta until the next official release isn't ready.
  16. Oh, forgot to tell you @111Insats, you need to disable `ace_scopeZeroRange`.
  17. Thanks for insights @111Insats, I've managed to solve the problem, thanks to my ACE friends! Just wait for the next release or add me on Steam, access my library and play the beta test version of the mod. If you are playing the beta version, please disable the official one.
  18. Yeah, same thing here. It was possible to change zero before and it is not possible anymore :( Yup, I know a couple of guys, even more, who gave up because of that. Now they are changing the game's shader ... again. It means all my textures are appearing darker and red-ish now ... and I will not change them.
  19. Hi @spotter001 Yes, it is ACE related and the ACE guys told me it will be as it is now. I don;t like it, just like you but, I don't loose hope because things change all the time in A3. Some months ago it was possible to change default zero and now it is not anymore. Who knows what the winds of change will bring in the future? :)
  20. Hi Plexyshard, I am happy to inform that I am working on it. You can be a beta tester if you want. Just add me on steam and you will gain access to the "beta test" mod. @KICK_ASS has let me use his framework so, it will be like his mod. Best!
  21. Hei, thank you Realthinged :) Hi Spotter, The same here, it was working before and now it isn't anymore. Even vanilla ones are not changing zero for me anymore. This looks like ACE/vanilla related so, let's check with them. I will keep you informed.
  22. Mods: Dagger Sniper Mod, ACE, CBA, Sullen Skies, Recolor, Immersion Cigs.
  23. Hi people, some people are asking me: Now, in ACE 3.12 it is possible to add ACE Advanced Ballistics on the run, when you are already playing the mission. And it works in vanilla too :) Just press Esc > Addon Options > Server > Look for the addon: ACE Advanced Ballistics > Set the parameters you want. Good sniping!
  24. Yes but, it depends on your ammo selection. There is always a best ammo for each purpose.
  25. Hello friends!!!! This is Dagger Scopes for Arma 3! Current version 6. And some videos Video by sorophx. Video by sttosin. Tags Scope, Sniper, Reticle, Sight. Download links http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29282 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=639520340 http://withsix.com/p/arma-3/mods/IzfFKsG-5UKFPdGAfR7R-A/Dagger-Scopes-for-Arma-3 Server key included. Installation Make sure you have this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\@Dagger\Addons ...containing this file: a3_dgr_scopes.pbo Ready to Use LEA Config File Import the file: DGRScopes_3_3.lea.addon into you LEA editor and you are ready to use all the scopes. Known Bugs, Issues and Fixes 1.The game denies zoom powers above 30x, so the 55x competition scope will always be missing the maximum zoom power. I haven´t tested if the NF 32x is working right at max power. 2.Some players´ holdovers don´t match their turret elevations. It happens when they don´t adjust their fovTop and fovLeft. You must adjust fovTop and fovLeft in order for your holds to work. Credits & Thanks My special thanks to: BI team, for the wonderful game and the forums. ToreDL87, The Supporter. Multiplaneta, The Swiss Knife Man: LEA worker, youtube movies, mods research. Digao.pf, The Constructive Criticizer: beta tester and effects suggestions. Yakavetta, for the inspiration on his scopes since Arma 1. ACE team, for the the many sniper toys (like the Kestrel, Vec-21 and Yardage). SWM team, for the inspiration on the wide screen scopes. AR15 and Sniperhide forums, for the open minded discussions and mutual help. Irvin_Mainway, military research and beta tester. VekongMaster, military research and beta tester. Sorophx, Arma3 youtube video. Changelog (Arma 3) V1: First release. V2: Added more reticles to the AN/PVS-4, fixed the zoom power on the clip-on NV sights, converted some scopes (not all) into FFP – First Focal Plane, which means the reticle also zooms in and out, added new scopes, added clip-on thermal sights, fixed some reticle posts coming out of the tube, assigned different 3D models for each scope, adjusted the zoom power of all 1x zoom scopes to reflect BI´s new FOV at naked eye, added a 55x competition scope. V3: Made many scopes FFP (they zoom the reticle), added more scopes. V4: Set zero range to ~100 meters (in the configs they are set to 200 m so that in game the zero distance be around 100 m). Changed display names for better navigation in Virtual Arsenal. V5: Set zero range to ~300 meters but now it can be adjusted in 10 m steps. V6: Fixed an error message appearing in some systems. Requirements -CBA_A3 -ACE_A3