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  1. Agreed completely. I absolutely LOVE this DLC, the amount of work and labor that went into it is amazing, and its readily apparent that the authors have been hands-on with much of the West German equipment. The animations, models and sounds are spectacular, far better than vanilla Arma, and much better than any mod I've ever seen. The campaign has been really fun, and very captivating story and atmosphere. I echo mad_mm's suggestions about the Leo tank gameplay. The way the tanks work needs some tweaking. I'm not being critical, rather offering suggestions to improve gameplay and further polish this wonderful DLC, so please don't take this the wrong way: Compared to vanilla and RHS tanks, the GM Leo is difficult to command. The way the gunner re-centers the turret not only after each target but also after each shot during reload is annoying. I have to go find my target again. I think the commander's viewfinder should probably be independently stabilized and not track with the turret, if only for game play. Realism here is defeating fun. Gunner should keep the turret in the general direction of the last target, and not slew it all the way back to center after every shot. Also, range-finding is difficult. Perhaps in the mission briefing, along with target identification and weak spots, there should be some instruction on properly using the Leo reticles for rangefinding? Also, I can switch from commander seat to gunner and driver, but not loader. I also can't command my loader to turn out in order to use the MG3. Is this intentional? There were many points during the campaign where it was useful for me to use the MG3 in towns, and I wound up getting out, ordering my loader out, and swapping places outside the tank in order to do so. Surely this is a bug, and not intended? I also suggest that the iron sights (specifically the G3 and Uzi SMG) need to be tweaked. As a shooter and user of many real-life HK weapons including MP5 and G3, the iron sights on these weapons are extremely easy to use and offer a clear unobstructed sight picture. Part of the reason is that because we have binocular vision in real life, the sights do not obscure the target as in a video game. Also, because our eye is close to the rear sight, the sight window appears more open and doesn't obscure the target. The sights on these weapons are very well done, and look exactly like what you would see if you took a picture from the perspective of the shooter. However, because of the way our eyes work in real life, the diopter sights don't work as well in video games if they're perfectly modeled, as GM has done. I suggest that the rear sights on the Uzi and G3 be opened up or otherwise adjusted slightly to make them more user friendly, and harder to 'lose' your target when looking through them. In real life with both eyes open, this doesn't happen despite the small rear peep sight. The uzi is especially difficult in this respect. Perhaps the player's head simply needs to be closer to the rear sight in order to see more through it?
  2. senoj

    Project OPFOR

    Has anyone else encountered an issue with LOP_ISTS_OPF and LOP_AM_OPF factions in ALiVE where any group with a vehicle spawns and the infantry immeadiately begin team-killing the vehicle crews? It appears when I put any of the individual units down the in 3den, the vehicles have proper crew (XX_XX_OPF), but when I put down the same vehicle in a group it has LOP_AM or LOP_ISTS faction crew. This causes a problem in the scenario I'm working on, where I want Blufor (NATO or RHS USAF) forces allied with Greenfor (LOP_RACS) fighting an insurgency of ISTS or Middle Eastern Militia on Opfor side. Since Greenfor and Opfor are enemies, they as soon as ALiVE spawns them they begin executing the vehicle crews.
  3. I have to say, Bohemia has outdone themselves with this campaign. Hands down the best campaign I've ever played in any of the Arma series to date. I literally couldn't put it down. Captivating story, great action and gameplay and dialogue that makes you care about the characters. The high level of production values was very apparent. I sure hope there's more of this to come. If Bohemia would create some more mini campaigns like this, using the assets from the various DLCs, I have no doubt that they could release them as paid content and sell enough to make it worth their while. I'd certainly eat up as much single player content like this (maybe more combat focused making use of all the new DLC content) as they can make. Wish the Marksman, Jets, Helis and Apex had such amazingly well-done SP content as this DLC. We don't need more assets at this point, we need SP content with high production values. I sure hope the Tanks DLC has a mini campaign as awesome as this. Well done, BIS!
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    Mk 20 Ejection Port messed up.

    Actually, the FN2000 is accurately modeled in game. The FN2000, like a few other contemporary bullpup rifles, ejects its rounds into a tube which runs along the right of the gun. The spent shells are then free to slide down to an opening near the front of the gun where they fall to the ground. It sounds strange, but it actually works very well. A side effect of this is that often after firing a string of shots, several spent casings are left in the tube, which then fall out all at once when the rifle is lowered. In-game, each round ejects one at a time, which is feasible, and unlike other guns they don't eject with much force, which accurately reflects the free fall of the shells when they come out of the real rifle.