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  1. Hi, i have a mission in my "scenarios" downloaded from the Steam workshop that i'm unable to delete. I can not do "unscribe" since the mission has been deleted from the workshop! Thank you!
  2. stalkerm

    Where is the Game?

    I think this thread is slowling drifting to an off-topic fight. I have understood the underlying causes of the lack of "ufficials missions" and the campaigns. Anyway i tried some missions and i have appreciated the game, despite the fact that i cannot personally (imho) see nothing to much "new" with respect to ArmA II (and this is something that is good for me since i liked ArmA II). I have experienced some crashes but the performance on my Pc (i5 overclocked, GtX460, 8Gb RAM) are good. The only thing that i really do not lilke since ArmAII is the flight model, it is unrealistic...maybe they have to stole some ideas from Laminar Research :p
  3. stalkerm

    Where is the Game?

    yeah...this can be a possibilty
  4. stalkerm

    Where is the Game?

    I think it's more like buying a Ferrari and not modify the camshaft, the valves, the pistons...if i buy a Ferrari i'm expecting an already optimized car. If i want something challenging i'm going to buy car's parts and building a car on my own. ArmA for me was a something like a "war simulator" not a "programming simulator" or lego simulator and stuff.
  5. stalkerm

    Where is the Game?

    i have always find the ArmA's campaing to be really good, of course if you play the game 10h/day you will be foced to expand the game. I was'nt even aware of the existence of User's material. I repeat: i do not like to loiter around with editors and stuff, if i buy a game is because i want ready-to-go fun. period. ---------- Post added at 21:20 ---------- Previous post was at 21:18 ---------- lesson learned...trust me!
  6. stalkerm

    Where is the Game?

    Ok, we are now officialy hired by bohemia, we work in creating missions for them. I repeat: i wanted something "ready to go", i do not want to loiter around Steam looking for mission, "achievements", s**t and spending my slow connection and time downloading them. Working with the editor? and playing self-created missions? is like playing chess with yourself...or not? I will wait for a full blown campaing...and if i will not be able to download it i will sell the game somehow. Sorry but i cannot still realize how the hell a software producer can release and unfinished job...next time maybe they can give us some C++ code to compile...rally funny! a sandbox complier! you can code your own ArmA game and share it on the internet! there will be a lot of user produced C++ code lol! (i'm ironic fo the newtons) ---------- Post added at 21:06 ---------- Previous post was at 21:05 ---------- yeah...you made my day...this is the comment i was looking for ;)
  7. stalkerm

    Where is the Game?

    i have been doing anything else than wasting my time watching the news online about ArmA lol ;) ...i simply waited the what i call the "classical release" with the DVD and "the game", like the other's ArmA and other games as well. This is crazyness. I think my bandwidth is going to become theirs problem as well since im starting to think from NOW that Bohemia will not have my money anymore if the situation is like this.
  8. stalkerm

    Where is the Game?

    Sinecerely i do not care if this is the tenth post speaking about this. I have played many games (also ArmA and ArmA II by the way) and this is the firs time that i encounter something like this. It is common sense when you buy a game's DVD expecting the whole game and not something like that.
  9. stalkerm

    Where is the Game?

    Today i have installed the new ArmA 3...and after a full day of patches downloading (i have a very SLOW connection) i succesfully started the game. With a huge suprise i have realized that the game is unplayable but some shooting range tutorials and a few demo missions. Where is the game? searching on the internet i have realized that there is no such a thing as ArmA 3 as a "game" right now :mad: Some questions arise naturals in my mind: ) why Bohemia have released ArmA 3? from the Gbs that i have downloaded today i suppose the game clearly was still a "beta" and a "game" cannot be named like that without playable contenst!. So...why Bohemia have realesed ArmA 3 if nobody can still play with it? (except for multiplayer? maybe...) ) when the campaign will be downloadable how many Gbs will it weigh? i have a SLOW connection and this is worryng me TOO MUCH :mad: :mad: really...again where is the sense of releasing an incomplete version of ArmA? i want the whole stuff on DVDs! ) what are DLC?? a fancy good candy looking name for "file to be downloaded"?