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  1. I seem to have fixed this by removing handguns from ai

    _x removeWeaponGlobal "hgun_P07_F";
    } forEach allUnits;
    _x removeWeaponGlobal "hgun_P07_snds_F";
    } forEach allUnits;
    _x removeWeaponGlobal "hgun_Rook40_F";
    } forEach allUnits;
    _x removeWeaponGlobal "hgun_Rook40_snds_F";
    } forEach allUnits;

    Put that in an sqf and call it with your init and it removes all the ai handguns

  2. Have an issue with AI liking to get stuck... One common theme is they take out there pistol and go prone and then all the sudden they can't move and won't respond to orders.

    Anyone know of any fixes for this? Both ingame and/or in mission editing?

  3. Doing that got it to show up in the error log so that's progress..

    Now the error is

    Error in expression <rike.Altis\spcheck.sqf"
    if(!isDedicated _and !isMultiplayer) then {
     Error position: <_and !isMultiplayer) then {
     Error Missing )

    So I put a ) next to !isDedicated

    Get another error telling me to put a ; after the )

    At this point doesn't that ruin the "and" statement? But once I have (!isDedicated); I get error

    Error in expression <ke.Altis\spcheck.sqf"
    if(!isDedicated); _and !isMultiplayer);
    then {
     Error position: <_and !isMultiplayer);
    then {
     [b]Error Undefined variable in expression: _and[/b]

    Now I'm completely confused..........


    SO I tried something a bit different and went with

    if (!isDedicated && !isMultiplayer) then {
    deleteVehicle p2;
    hint "Singleplayer Mode Activated";

    Which works :D

  4. NEW- Revive Script - If you suffer a serious wound that isn't bad enough to kill you, your AI companions or another player can drag you to safety and revive you. AI will also do this to eachother.

    NEW- Mission scales in single player mode when not run as a multiplayer game (Dedicated server compatible)

    Added scaling single player to make the missions more possible to accomplish by yourself. Also changed the revive system so that you can now die from "kill shots" and can be revived by both AI or Players on less serious injuries.