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  1. Ditto, It actually gives me debug errors about the effects being missing.
  2. shibdib

    ASR AI 3

    Having an issue Q: I just updated to 1.54 and am receiving a 'Script \userconfig\asr_ai3\asr_ai3_settings.sqf not found' error on launch. I ticked the file patching option in the launcher and still get this error.
  3. This addon is causing all my scripts to hang. The game itself runs smooth but any other addon and arsenal all have a 10-15 second delay to everything they do.
  4. Biggest gripe is that your default key bindings are on used keys, specifically keys used to give AI commands -_-
  5. shibdib

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    WTB one insurgent unit pack that doesn't require another GB of other mods... makes it impossible to use on multiplayer missions. Is why the top downloads are self contained.
  6. shibdib

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    Any update on this? This is really the only hope for ALiVE users who don't want to download 2GB of crap they don't need just to get insurgents.
  7. Either my vision sucks or that thing is damn near invisible
  8. shibdib

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Any chance we can get the insurgents ported without needing to download everything? I want to include them in a MP mission but forcing people to download 2GB's of stuff not used is a waste.
  9. Trying to find a good mideast fighter addon that works and isn't 2GB of additional crap I don't need.. Any help?
  10. having the exact same issue
  11. Running into an issue. The server runs and is listed in the server browser but whenever I try to join it hangs at the initial loading screen until it eventually kicks me. Tried logging in and running #missions with no luck. The mission selection screen never appears.
  12. I think ACE on arma 2 had IR Strobes? Maybe theirs an IR Strobe effect you can add? Not much help just saying I think it's possible
  13. shibdib

    Problem with if then

    does it work with if (myVariable 30) then {hint "At"} else {hint "Below"}; ?
  14. shibdib

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    For the ambient combat I've managed to disable vehicles from spawning.. but now how would I disable FIA from spawning? When playing as blufor and running into a battle where fia and nato and csat are involved it gets confusing.
  15. shibdib

    AI gets stuck

    I seem to have fixed this by removing handguns from ai { _x removeWeaponGlobal "hgun_P07_F"; } forEach allUnits; { _x removeWeaponGlobal "hgun_P07_snds_F"; } forEach allUnits; { _x removeWeaponGlobal "hgun_Rook40_F"; } forEach allUnits; { _x removeWeaponGlobal "hgun_Rook40_snds_F"; } forEach allUnits; Put that in an sqf and call it with your init and it removes all the ai handguns
  16. shibdib

    AI gets stuck

    Have an issue with AI liking to get stuck... One common theme is they take out there pistol and go prone and then all the sudden they can't move and won't respond to orders. Anyone know of any fixes for this? Both ingame and/or in mission editing?
  17. shibdib

    =BTC= Revive

    any chance AI revive can be implemented?
  18. is the campaign pbo available anywhere? Or do I have to use the dev build
  19. http://imageshack.us/a/img6/5964/p701.png (886 kB) !!This is currently a work in progress!! With CSAT forces occupying the Aegean island of Altis, a US lead NATO coalition lands on the Southeast shore to liberate the oppressed people. Includes NEW- Revive Script - If you suffer a serious wound that isn't bad enough to kill you, your AI companions or another player can drag you to safety and revive you. AI will also do this to eachother. - Respawn at FOB. (You will respawn an unlimited amount, your AI gets 3 respawns) Still being bugtested. - Virtual Ammo Box - Custom Bases - Capturable Zones - Enhanced suppression script. (AI Can now be suppressed! But so can the player!) - Dynamic storyline NEW- Mission scales in single player mode when not run as a multiplayer game (Dedicated server compatible) Current downloads Mission 1 Armaholic - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23227 Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=188468096 Mission 2 Armaholic - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23228 Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=188490240 Campaign Not yet released
  20. I'll get them up now. Was a bit of a pain before because I was still tweaking. But mission 1 and 2 are final unless someone finds something gamebreaking. Edit waiting for the armaholic links to be validated..
  21. Bump, seems like a good script.. but I seem to die alot more often than I get revivable. Any chance you can point me where I can edit this?
  22. I had to remove the _ infront of p2 to get it to work, musta editted while you were posting, it gave me undefined variable errors if it was there.
  23. The following is my init with the script in question bolded. call compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "FAR_revive\FAR_revive_init.sqf"; null = [2] execvm "tpwcas\tpwcas_script_init.sqf" [b]execvm "spcheck.sqf";[/b] That script is { if(!isDedicated and !isMultiplayer) then { deleteVehicle _p2; hint "Singleplayer Mode Activated"; } But at some point it doesn't work. No errors show up in the log for it