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  1. claudiu111

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    FHQ Accessories no longer works with this.
  2. claudiu111


    Yes please :D
  3. claudiu111


    Optics do not work on the AKM.
  4. claudiu111

    AC-130X for Arma 3

    Looks great but it has a bug. It kicks out anyone in the gunner seats when you switch from pilot to autopilot.
  5. claudiu111

    FHQ Accessories pack

    Really? Then how is it that the BIS default ARCO 4x scope does work with NV?(and no it does not have an inbuilt NV system)
  6. claudiu111

    FHQ Accessories pack

    No, I mean when you turn on your night vision goggles you can only see the night vision effect when the eotech is in normal ads. When you go to the zoomed mode the night vision gogles are automaticaly turned off and you can not see anything in the dark(Just as the SOS scope is in the dark).
  7. claudiu111

    FHQ Accessories pack

    Also make the magnified eotech night vision please.
  8. claudiu111

    FHQ Accessories pack

    Yeah we would love this.
  9. claudiu111

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hi guys. Do you know if there is a way that I can set the default firing mode to full auto? I have some small cqb missions in which we play with pdw's and it gets annoying to keep switching from semi to auto everytime we respawn, change weapons ore enter/exit vehicle.