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    UAVs: Feedback and wishes

    I love the new camera stabilization, it seems to work properly now. However, when I get the turret stabilized on a target area, I'd like it to stay like that when I exist the turret controls so I can see that target area in the PiP display on my HUD. Is it possible to do this right now? Or is this the feature the camera locking keybind will add that isn't in stable yet? Also, a couple of minor issues: 1) The camera feeds in the UAV terminal map are always in visual mode, they don't reflect the current camera setting of each e.g. NV or Thermal. The PiP display in infantry mode does this perfectly though. 2) When turning on the laser designator, it seems like the UAV stops obeying altitude settings. If I do a flyover of an area set to 500m altitude for example with the laser designator off then all is fine. However, as soon as I turn on the laser, the UAV seems to start diving down. 3) There doesn't seem to be a key binding option for the AV PiP display toggle? I know 2xTAB toggles it but I couldn't find an option to change that in the controls? 4) The Darter loiter command doesn't seem to work properly. The Greyhawk will correctly circle the target at the specified range but the darter just seems to fly right above the target and hover still, no matter what loiter distance you set
  2. 1) Is it possible to get an AI group you command out of "danger mode" with the red stripes? It seems they can stay in it forever sometimes and as soon as they are in that mode it is really hard to get them to move anywhere faster than a snail pace. 2) Is there a way to get mechanized units that are NOT under your command to remount after a fight? It seems they dismount for a fight but will not remount afterwards until they all meet and wait for one another at their next waypoint. If this waypoint is 10km away and they have a brief fight after 1km then they are basically left walking the whole way. 3) Is it possible to get AI artillery/mortar teams to automatically fire at targets/locations that other AI have spotted/requested? They seem pretty useless unless used as support for human players or scripted to fire at a particular location. 4) Is there any way to get static weapons teams to actually deploy and use their weapons? 5) Can you make enemy snipers actually snipe long distances? They just don't seem to spot or engage at sniper level distances
  3. Mikey74, sorry for the late reply. @ASM is the Arma Server Monitor for dedicated servers (link below). It is a really awesome tool for monitor performance etc. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21436
  4. Is there anything special that needs to be done to get it working on a dedicated server? I was testing it out locally earlier and then when I tried it on my dedicated server it didn't seem to be working e.g. the artillery weren't firing anymore. I am using the following below to start my server and it is from the same install directory as I was testing locally when it was working. I also know the server is at least starting to load mods because @ASM is definitely loaded because the server monitor is working. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\arma3server.exe" "-profiles=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3" -port=2302 -config=CONFIG_Vanilla.cfg -world=empty -mod=@ASM;@CBA_A3;@AISS;@WW_AICOVER;@FFISv1.25
  5. starlightman

    Lase & GBU on Buzzard not locking

    Would anyone be able to post a youtube video of successfully locking on to a laser from a JTAC in the Buzzard? I've read the guidance here about height, speed and distance and no matter how many times I try I cannot get it to work. I've confirmed the target is lazed as I can see the JTAC using his designator if I switch to splendid camera and if I turn the difficulty down to recruit I can actually see a huge red dot covering the entire T-100 I'm trying to bomb.