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  1. hello, Maybe this is a stupid question but i have to ask :) I'm starting a arma altis life server and i try to add some buildings to the mission.sqm. When i place a building and try to safe it it won't work. So i'll add the file to my mission.sqm by hand. with this i mean searching the new item and plant it in the ride place in your mission.sqm file. This works fine but it cost allot of time. Now the question is there a other way to add buildings to your altis life server? I have search for it in many forums and tutorials. And tryed a lot of things. But nothing works. I hope some one can help me with this. Otherwise I can say goodbye to my evenings and weekends :) Greetz and thanxs in advance Trillseeker
  2. "Deleted local files and redownloaded the whole game....wasted some decent gaming time but worked for me". Dit the same here, but ater a while the same issue appears again. I think it's the driver. i downloaded the latest driver before (327.23) and can play arma3 with no problem again hope it wil help. goodluck