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    Battle Royale Mode for Argo

    Argo has a very good concept and vast island area which could be perfect for battle royale. With the realistic weapons, cars, helicopters and terrain- Battle Royale mode would be rocking. Of course its only my idea and so I will leave it to the devs for decision. Argo is almost dead game now and only few players (including me) play it everyday. Battle royale mode could bring back the players. Also making the helicopters and cars available to everyone in battle royale and enabling players to shoot from cars and helis is essential.
  2. White Ghost_

    Monthly challenge

    I played with him in monthly challenge. I don't think he cheats. That game mode gave the witch a lot of power and even I was unbeatable as a witch for several matches. No wonder propper made a lotta score from monthly challenge. But that doesnt make him a cheater, does it?
  3. White Ghost_

    Text error

    The first issue is solved now. Thank you Kronx. But the text bug still remains. Hoping a solution for this soon.
  4. White Ghost_

    Text error

    After 1.01 and 1.02 update custom texts on map while in a mission has some error. When i double click on a position on map to type something on It and then press enter to finish the text, it seems like I started the text with an enter in first line! Like there was nothing in line 1. The texts automatically shows up little below (like in line 2) than where it was supposed to be shown. The circle stays in right position though (The circle appears exactly where i double click which is proper). EDIT: BUG FIXED thanks to dev team
  5. White Ghost_

    New Bug 15 Jul 2017

    In custom servers player tag in map gets stuck once he dies. The tag works when someone spawns till he dies for first time. Then the tag remains stuck on his death position even though he roams freely in other areas until he disconnects. Note: All other functions works right way even when the tag is stuck. EDIT: BUG REMOVED thanks dev team
  6. White Ghost_

    New Bug 15 Jul 2017

    Appreciate the QRF xD. But still a lot of issues are to be solved. After new updates the player-name-tag -stuck problem is solved in official servers. But in custom servers the bug still persists. Also there are few other bugs in the new update.
  7. How do I add more falchion-22 in A-164 cas wipeout using Arma3 editor? Can anyone tell me the code please?
  8. White Ghost_

    Controlling and aiming with the A-164 and Neophon

    How do I add more falchion-22 in A-164 cas using arma3 editor? Can anyone tell me the code please?