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  1. 14 hours ago, kremator said:

    Tanks DLC just needs to be ONE THING ..... the ability for a tank to reverse.


    Especially for AI! And we would love some WoT/WT style direct controls because why not? It's hard to crew tanks with human players.


    And one missing feature that should be introduced is hydraulic control of the turret. Current implementation feels like rotating a frying pan.

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  2. 1 hour ago, darkxess said:

    Hey guys, your mod has been uploaded to the steam workshop did you know?



    The workshop is a shithole now. Everyone re-uploads everything with or without permission, and even PW6 just re-uploads the re-uploads.. Getting harder to find original new content (that doesn't belong to the ArmaLife rubbish pile)

  3. Well it still serves me on all other games, so until another company releases a milsandbox with AI subroutines akin to Arma, we'll never know how much needless overhead we're wasting.

    In fairness, fiddling with the view distance seems to have improved things for me, but this hasn't been documented in the update, whereas before I had +3km distance with good framerates.

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