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  1. Thanks engima, I'll give this a shot sometime. Since you know your way around scripts, do you know of one that can easily populate towns with civvies to go along with the traffic? TPW's civ mode no longer works for me.
  2. pulstar

    AI Helicopter Gunners

    I have no issue with AI gunner prioritizing targets on their own, but the flying is atrocious.. Pilots just do a straight up strafe that ends up killing the gunship even with APC/IFV fire. So I have to fly CAS and arrange targets for gunner AI, and if there's no digital HUD I can't tell which is which.
  3. pulstar

    AI Helicopter Gunners

    It's too much to handle the command menu to assign AI targets and fly the gunship simultaneously, especially if it's one like the Hind. I guess I'll have to programme a Voiceattack profile and start shouting at the game :lecture:
  4. pulstar

    Hi Any F/A-18 vs Su-35 game servers?

    Depends on what you need precision for. In a spaceshooter like Freelancer you need a mouse typically, but to control a fighter jet, most joysticks with reasonable deadzones work, even for bullseye dogfighting.
  5. pulstar

    Local AI Voices

    Try the addon @mrb_arma3_voicestop
  6. Sorry for bumping this topic but now that I got a PBO working it's awesome! I'm wondering if a similar script can be written to have civilians populating towns?
  7. pulstar

    Hi Any F/A-18 vs Su-35 game servers?

    If you really want maximum enjoyment I suggest learning how to fly using a joystick. It's not really hard and online tutorials are available, and besides you need to learn how to evade missiles more than dogfighting in 3rd and 4th gen fighters since pilots engage beyond-visual range. Before youtube and DCS (formerly LockOn) I learned some manoeuvres using Sega's Aerodancing series. Really deep for a console franchise!!
  8. pulstar

    virtual3dgun looks beter than deltasix controller

    For me peripherals can reach a high point of gimmickry, those life-like controllers are that point.
  9. pulstar

    Hi Any F/A-18 vs Su-35 game servers?

    I don't want to advertise another sim here, but it's the de facto these days. The craft you seek are in Flaming Cliffs 3, and the F/A18 should come out next year.
  10. pulstar

    Fed up with that AI

    Join the club :D Dear Bohemia, please allocate some revenues and farm out AI development to a third party team, perhaps a postgrad startup or something.. :) I would play with real meatbags more, but the overhead is just a bit too much and I don't like using TS/TFAR, not to mention 99% of public servers using vanilla assets :(
  11. It does go away if I deselect all islands that require custom assets.. So I guess the only way to identify the culprit is trial and error.. Arma does take its sweet time launching so that's a time-consuming prospect :D
  12. Anyone else got this? No idea from which custom A2 island it's from :/
  13. pulstar

    ruPal Weapon Holding

    Cheers ruPal, btw I found using ACE menu that it works, but for AI it's not the default grip. Anyway to change that?
  14. pulstar

    ruPal Weapon Holding

    This mod no longer works for me? Maybe it conflicts with Massi weaps..
  15. pulstar

    US Military Mod

    Still no help with needed CUP PBO's :(
  16. pulstar

    US Military Mod

    Massi has 80's Soviet units, check that out. Btw, anyone kind enough to provide a list of needed CUP PBOs? I'm trying to to keep size down for a smaller modset including this mod.
  17. pulstar

    New Map : GOS Al Rayak

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=579942493 Is the workshop version an updated one? Also a couple of users are saying it's corrupted.
  18. pulstar

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Cheers for the new birds. I guess the AI can't fire the hellfires though..
  19. pulstar

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    December 16, 2015 Syria: Stories Behind Photos of Killed Detainees Caesar Photos’ Victims Identified I wish I could say karma's a bitch, but didn't Pol Pot die in a simple shack and got cremated without paying for his crimes? I bet some thought highly of that pisspot as well.
  20. Random really, perhaps it's an addon, but they do happen frequently on A2 maps.. I don't have CUP yet, waiting for the next release :)
  21. Anyone else having crashes after v1.54 playing A2 maps and AiATP? I guess CUP terrains can't come soon enough.
  22. pulstar

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    Its dead, Jim.
  23. pulstar

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Honestly I've stopped using Phoenix since it's abandoned.
  24. pulstar

    Feat of Arms

    This isn't FOA's fault, after update 1.54 armor values have been changed. This http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29900should fix RHS issue, also make sure to update Massi units.
  25. pulstar

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Can we please have a PBO update for v1.54?