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  1. #Blackburn -Tier-1-

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    just delete ur A3 Agressors from ur mission dependencies in the mission.sqm .. that should help
  2. #Blackburn -Tier-1-


    damn cool. are u also doing "tropentarn" ?
  3. #Blackburn -Tier-1-


    nice to hear. keep it up guys looking forward to it :)
  4. great update ! especially the engine changes/adds ! this is what ive been waiting for as admin on the server MCC in combination with ALiVE is just an masterpiece ! keep it up man we cant live without anymore
  5. no .. we have a dedicated server hosted by hosters.at. no root server it would be really hard to run all this on my pc .. game, server, recording .. and yeah .. its the tpw mod but only the tpw_civs and tpw_cars. i like it when the cars sometimes blew up .. this gives u the feeling there was an IED or something else but yeah i also know that this can have an dramatic effect on FPS. especially if the cars destroying a house but well .. as i said. i have to work more on the performance .. if i can get much better server fps without the civilians than ill remove this shit .. :) cheers
  6. Hey guys ! here´s a gameplay video from our last "main operation event" every saturday on our server. for more details check the video description. i´ve combined ALiVE with Roy´s wonderful Patrol Ops to get one huge dynamic mission. our main task was to deploy a communication tower to get in contact with the locals. the way was long and we were informed about many enemy contacts. Marines from the 1st Battalion / 8th Marine Regiment and special forces from the german KSK have protected the convoy. the "bobcat" with the german KSK got hit from 2 AT missiles and we decided to fall back to the base to avoid more casualties. all in all it was an wonderful dynamic mission. u have to keep ur eyes open every time but we had atleast a server performance about 10-20 FPS with 7 players. that was the really reason why we stoped this mission. the showcase mission is running very well with 30-40 server fps. so i have to work more on this combined version to get a better performance .. but damnit .. we love the concept ! and also the opportunity to combine the modules with other missions ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUszPXbuczo
  7. #Blackburn -Tier-1-

    =ARC= NATO Offensive Mods (Units & Vehicles)

    wow awsome ! looking forward for the german backpacks and the US units :) keep up the good work
  8. #Blackburn -Tier-1-

    A3C: Name Tag Mod

    its not working anymore if u get revived ..
  9. #Blackburn -Tier-1-

    A3C: Name Tag Mod

    ty sir ! one little suggestion .. can u add a key ? would be really useful for secured servers :)
  10. awsome update .. thx for that ! just check the "Manual MCC.pdf" to get more information about that and the other features
  11. where to add this command ? we are using the mod version .. client and server
  12. yea sure ! i mean to add this in an extra script or u can turn it on in ur tpw userconfig or the script init .. whatever its only a suggestion for myself and my realism unit .. i dont want to destroy the ambient of the parked cars :)
  13. thx for ur mod and ur fast fixes ! we love it ! but i have one suggestion .. can u add ied´s to the parked cars ? maybe with an small percentage this would be really awsome for our insurgency where we have to patrol through streets what do u think about it ?
  14. #Blackburn -Tier-1-

    =ARC= NATO Offensive Mods (Units & Vehicles)

    awsome made, really awsome ! our server isnt protected with keys cuz a few mods like jsrs also have no bikey yet check this to sign ur addons -> http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DSUtils_2 EDIT: how to sign an addon -> http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Armed_Assault:_Addon_Signatures