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  1. Suggestions:

    - Field rations

    - Ability to dismantle snipers and carry them in a backpack

    - Hacking system (hack doors, lights, etc)

    - Limited oxygen (divers, pilots)

    - Cell Phones (Civilians will call each other for help. or to advise the enemy..)

    - Gasmasks and gas grenades

    - Cold or heat, depending weather and clothes. (This affects the resistance, fatigue and weapon stability...yes, like in Dayz)

    - Ability to climb

    - Push and tow vehicles

    - Build barricades

    - Civilian interrogation (reaction depending your stance. Ie: They´ll tell you everything about a secret enemy base if you aiming to his head LOL)

    - :yay:THROW MAG TO AN ALLY (If a team mate is under fire without ammo, you dont need to go there and receive fire :D simply throw the mag)

    1, hopefully not, annoying shit. DayZ okay, whatever, your play one char for days and so on. But i don't want to think about that annoying shit when playing a 2-3 hour mission.

    2, nah

    3, what for? Maybe nice to lock doors so enemy can not get in that fast in PvP, but that would be absolutely low prio...

    4, Divers have rebreather, without you should drown (never tried this one?)

    5, as someone said, more ACRE related imho

    6, yeh, gasmasks, gas, wohoo! Do it!

    7, don't know what i should think about that, somehow it would be nice, somehow it would be annoying as fuck like field rations

    8, climb is already implemented?

    9, yepp, that would be really nice for logistics

    10, wasnt there something like that in AGM already? So i think we will get this one too...

    11, was in AGM too, afaik, it was possible to tell them "Get away!" and "Get down!" but just if you were armed.

    12, Mag-throw? Sound not to bad actually ^^


    It was possible to deactivate at least the names over the heads via options.

    Why would anyone would deactivate the real names? *shrug*

    And the scope thing is a "take it or leave it" thing, they decided it and they won't change it for one person.

  2. A shooting range for Snipers where it shows me, where i hit the target, so i can calibrate the whole thing and get the settings i need.

    I was searching and found one shooting range, not available anymore, and another one with just some turn-down targets. pointless for my needs.

    So it would need:

    compatible with AGM

    Range about 500m upwards to 2.500km is possible (airport on Altis? virtual thingy?)

    as flat as possible

    target can be static, so they don't have to turn down - the hit should show somewhere else? Maybe like that http://armed-assault.de/news/sniper-shooting-range.html so its easy to check everything.

    set windage somehow with mouse

    PROJECTILE DATA to allow you to know: muzzle projectile speed, final projectile speed, speed loss, range and projectile point of impact for every vehicle/unit



    Asking myself:

    Multiplayer will be a bit pointless when its possible to set windage with mouse or something like that?

    Possible to get something like that?

  3. @chal00

    Whats wrong with you? Its Flummis decision, if he want to implement range tables or not. And he said no and also told us why he dont want it.

    And if you want these nice little Ballistic Computers, just go and buy one and don't bother us anymore. AFAIK it should be possible to use it with the ballistics Flummi added with AGM.

    Have fun.

  4. Thanks for the replay anyway, buuut...

    Thanks, but not the ingame whatevername for the editor, i mean if anyone knows how this optics are called in real life. Or are they just fictional?

    LRPS is already clear, just missing a SOS. I got it, that there is a ton of similar looking out there, but i have no clue about that, so maybe its possible someone tell me "Its THIS". But not a Paintball thingy, it should be something usable because the real values are needed.

    Its for AGM guys and it will be used hopefully^^

    EDIT: Oh, SOS looks ingame like that:


  5. Maybe update this list: "TFAR-related addons: TFAR add radios to vehicles from:" because i thought BWMod vehicles are not supportet.

    They are and the LR radio is in there already, but not listet.

    I heared that its not possible to hear the guys around you when you are "over hatch" (sorry, dont know how to translate that) at the Leopard, but i was not able to test this out, later maybe.

  6. ... Its much better then the normal script based systems but i still miss some sort of decisions to make. Not just read the list from top down and click brainless like a berserker. I hope this will come, its just the beginning. ;)

    Just interested, what decisions would that be? I mean, what would you like to decide, its pretty hard to get what you think if you don't write it down.

  7. Well, to bad there is absolutely no information. Not a single picture?

    I mean, http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?157980-Warhammer-40k-Total-Conversion-mod-for-ARMA-3/page5 here are at least 2 guys who offered help for some models.

    Maybe is the biggest problem to bring the models into the game, but if you show some models its possible that someone shows up and is willing to help you.

    Its to bad that after 9 months nothing new is here. Just a "not dead". A lot of guys hoping that a WH40K mod is coming.

    Maybe you can ask the guy from "Wander Panzer" for help for the Titan Animations?

    Is there nothing already finished, so the guys can try out something? Just one single Infantry unit? So guys can try and help you maybe spotting bugs or something like that. Help to improve your mod. Nobody expects the whole mod in one part finished.

    In hope for getting more informations, greets

    EDIT: Don't you have a homepage so you coordinate? Or a own Forum? Just interested

  8. Already known as you can read, but thanks for the report:

    To all who have the problem with TMR optics:

    Just delete the "tmr_optics.pbo" and the "tmr_optics.pbo.tmr.bisign" from your "AddOns"-Folder of your TMR-Mod.

    Works fine for me and you can still use the weapon resting etc :-)

    Have fun.

  9. I have a problem with the mod, which is related to the userconfig:

    I usually install mods for Arma 3 into my "My Documents" folder since that allows me to keep game and mods on different disks. Unfortunately, BWMod searches the userconfig file in @bwa3\userconfig instead of the normal Arma 3\userconfig, which makes it impossible to install the mod anywhere else but the game's directory, not even a subfolder of the game.

    It would be great if it would be possible to move the userconfig to it#s usual place so the mod can be installed anywhere.

    Other than that, great mod! Looking forward to make Bundeswehr missions!

    It is at the moment not possible to move or rename the mod.

  10. @JinougaF

    You can read this on page 5, maybe it will help you:


    However, I also respond to make it clear to you that posts asking modders for release dates or other updates are considered spam. If the author has something worth to show, he will just do so. Thank you and have a pleasant stay!

    Oh and there is no official release date as far as i know.

  11. Well, no answer for nearly half a year and still a lot of people would like to know whats up with the mod.

    Again "lot of talking, doing nothing" or something else? Unofrtunately it looks like that... to bad.

    I mean, here is also someone who offered to help and he got no answer (well, not in the forum and so we don't know...)

    Also, talked to GW already and then there is no homepage, or is it that forum ( http://s1.zetaboards.com/OFPWH40K/index/ ) ?

    Where you started in Juny 2013 with the Mod for ArmA 2? (Videos pointing to Ladie from Hell)

    And whats about the other mod? Was it possible to merge?

  12. Hm, Salzburg in Austria maybe? I mean, its mainly a City, but there is the river in the middle of the city and on the one side the Kapuzinerberg and on the other side the Festungsberg, with the "Festung Hohensalzburg", one of the biggest castles in europe.

    There is also the biggest casern of Austria, Schwarzenbergkaserne and the Airport is also near. In the City there is also the Riedenburg and the Rainerkaserne.

    That should all fit in the 32x32, maybe you can put in there Freilassing too.

    Depending on where you start with the 32x32km its a map for mainly urban fighting i think - maybe not what you search for.

    EDIT: OSM: http://osm.org/go/0IdfwN9--

    Data - could be possible to get some from SAGIS, testdata is available there http://www.salzburg.gv.at/themen/se/sagis/download/testdaten.htm

    Bit i dont know if its possible to get enough data for free (a shame... we pay for the research of this data and we dont get the data when we need for free*sigh*)