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  1. Hey Thanks for the tip on the getting marker color it works great now I just have to find out how I can use it to activate or create spawn points but thanks for your help. On a different note. As per my understanding HOUSE GROUP is house patrol. in 1.8 it works great but in 1.9 they dont go in the house in fact they dont do anything except stand in a line. and about armor if i am using this script in a city area then any amount more than 1 in armored vehicles will result in blowing them up probably because they all spawn in the same area. Great going and Thanks to TittErS for fixing the House no spawn bug fix.
  2. Hey Great script But As I was testing i activated only the first group and nothing showed up here is the usage : null = [["EOSinf_1"],[1,4],[0,0],[0,0],[10,1],[0,0,0],[0,0,200,EAST]] call EOS_Spawn; Please let me know if its a bug or am I doing something wrong Also is there a way to trigger something when an area Goes GREEN i mean can i attach a trigger when all enemies are dead and that area is clear. I wanted to do like a spawn activation so a user has choice to span at any occupied ( green ) base. Cheers AK