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  1. I was wondering if there's any way to replace the default texture of a piece of clothing in Arma 3? I just want to add a simple picture not mess around with the texture maps. I know you can just add the image to the mission file (will be running this on a local server) and then use setObjectTexture but that will only add it to the specific item you add the command to. What I want is for that texture to be on that item wherever it may appear in game, so if I go into the Arsenal or drop one in with the editor I want to have it retextured. Need this to work for myself and other players joining the server. Thanks.
  2. taketotheshadows

    Need help with Zeus Items

    I have a quick question about items for the new Apex expansion. My question is, If I make say, a custom bunker in Zeus on Tanoa, save it, and then try and load that into a mission on altis, will players who don't have the Apex expansion be able to see and use these items?