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  1. Its because this line here Should look like this, you didn't put in the quotation marks before and after reservedSlots = ["Instructor_1","Instructor_2","Instructor_3","Instructor_4","Instructor_5"]; Anytime you have an array like above you need quotations before and after each class name along with a comma between them Hope this helps
  2. Squad name: The Door Kickers Timezone/location: US/EU Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): coop Contact email: kiloonezero@live.com Website address: thedoorkickers.enjin.com Short description: We are a unit that believes in more play and less "paperwork". Looking for mature people that like Tac Sim without the clutter. Language: English
  3. Col. Wolf A.

    Will Combat Patrol Give XP/Credits?

    Just an Idea but they could let a few of the higher end weapons in each class be available in coop along with sights and things. Not give full access but enough to where those that want to play only COOP can do their thing. On the upper end of it you could also introduce other coop modes and pvp modes and have a separate leveling system kinda like how Tom Clancy's The Division kinda is. Just a thought for those that are only CO-OP. I like the PVP modes myself but I would advocate this idea for the interest of all players not just a select group.
  4. Update : Unit Found Please delete post.