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  1. dakukishi

    Missions by Daku Kishi

    Whoops!! Sorted it no mods required now!
  2. dakukishi

    Missions by Daku Kishi

    I have made some big improvements to my Naval Strike mission, has to be one of my favourite missions to create. let me know what you think.
  3. dakukishi

    Missions by Daku Kishi

    New Mission now posted, Naval Strike Mission is still under development but is playable now, if you have ideas for new objectives in this mission please feel free to leave your ideas.
  4. dakukishi

    Missions by Daku Kishi

    Finally got around to finishing off the next mission, this one is based heavily on the mission by Autorugby with his Pedro 6 mission, link to the mission can be found in the Original post.
  5. dakukishi

    Missions by Daku Kishi

    New mission is now available for play on the Steam workshop, a Jet mission using the F-18X from John Spartan & Saul. Link to the Mission can be found on the original post.
  6. dakukishi

    Missions by Daku Kishi

    This thread is dedicated to the missions I have created and am willing to share for others to play through the Steam Workshop. I have only begun making missions for others since the beginning of September and am always looking to improve my missions somehow. Missions Currently Available: Missions Currently in Development: Comments, Criticism and any helpful tips along the way are greatly appreciated.