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    An Old Trend renewed

    Nailed it! That's what all these fake "lets respect each other" bullshit threads are always about. Then two post later you see them attacking the crap out of someone.:rolleyes:
  2. I wouldn't call what's coming out on the 12th a beta. Its ALL still alpha.
  3. Bigby Wolf

    Reality Check

    Yeah, +1, he nailed it! Even mods on other forums are grudging agreeing that the new Arma sucks for lack of content ( not to mention Sci-Fi). I've got Crysis for that. ---------- Post added at 02:13 ---------- Previous post was at 02:12 ---------- Thats good, but BIS needs to step in and help. There's things we can't do, like put the new physics in the old vehicles.
  4. Bigby Wolf

    Help please im new.

    I think there is one jet, but its like Neurofunker said, you have to bring it up in the editor. Its not in the made missions. I haven't played with the editor in a while. Also, it may not be in the standard download, but in the dev version only.
  5. Bigby Wolf

    how to use bombs (free fall)

    Yeah, BIS, can we please get a real hud and some working guages this time?
  6. Bigby Wolf

    Reality Check

    Now thats something all sides can agree on!