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  1. To explain the problem to you:

    1. Cause of the mission file receiving failure: server too busy, sending wrong data.

    2. Cause of "no message received" after getting the mission file: server too busy too.

    (optional) 3. the server might be too busy because of the way the mod is coded? "Hostile takeover" is maybe a mod still in development and buggy?

  2. Yeah well that bloody wiki hasn't helped me either back in the day when I started fitteling with ArmA 2. Most info on it makes it even more complicated than it already is.

    The only best way to find out how it actually works is to use it yourself. Here; let me show you a script I launched a while back. (it also uses an area in the lower right corner, maybe it will help you find out what is going on)


  3. Hi mate. I am here to answer all of your questions :)

    1. Because there are no (atm) Arma 2 OA servers using the steam network. (that might change soon; gamespy committed suicide)

    2. Most servers that are not using BE are servers that either have something better to protect them OR those servers make sure that even hackers that got globally banned can join the server.

    3. no-cd key servers are servers that do not check if your CD key is currently in use by another player in the server. Which means that if a hacker stole a game from someone's PC, he will still be able to play on no-cd key servers even if the player he stole it from is on the same server. So yeah, stay really far away from those servers; the chance that you will find a lot of legit players there is pretty small.

    4. You are able to join no-cd key servers using DayZ Commander, but they usually have that in their names. So practically, DayZ Commander does not guarentee that every server is safe.

  4. The safeZone area is an area that is visible on any screen no matter what the resolution or interface size is. Hence the word "safe" in it.

    If you do not use the safeZone values, then it will fall off people their screens like you described.

    It sounds kind of funny to me though that you have made a dialog but you do not know what safeZone does.... xD

    Anyways, to answer your question:

    try and find a dialog script that is using the safeZone parameters. For example; the virtual ammobox script. Then, fiddle around with the values to get a full understanding of what those values actually do. The best way to learn it is to see it yourself.

  5. So this happens only on highly populated servers? Are you sure about that?

    But seriously? a 100+ slot server? That is asking for trouble. ArmA 3 is not made to withstand that..... even BF3 has reasons why is does not go above 64 players and that's a highly optimised game. ArmA 3 isn't.

    And if this problem also happens on other servers, then it might be your router blocking packets from the server.