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  1. Dude.... why do you hate Steam? What reason would you have for that anyway?

    For me it is a great program where all of my games are in one place and where I can launch them from, join friends, see what friends are playing, chat with them, etc. etc. Just with one program. Why would anyone hate that?

  2. Wait I was having a tiny bright moment for a sec: What if a player fails the mission a few times at the same timestamp, (which isn't a small chance)

    he/she will get almost the same sound every time. So, if you really want to make sure that they won't hear the same stuff every time, you should use the method you described yourself: cut track in pieces and use a switch do with random command.

    I have a code example, will post that later if you need it.

  3. Could be scripts spamming your log files. You should try and add this to your launch parameters: -noLogs

    Basically everyone should launch the game with -noLogs because you do not need logs unless you are a developer debugging a mission.