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  1. I guess that you just want to have a unit respawn on a place which you created with the editor? If so, do it like this: 1. Create 2 markers named it respawn_west1 and respawn_west2. (put the markers on the map where the units should respawn) Done! all blufor units will now respawn at those markers (randomly selected) without any spawn or spawn selection stuff. I hope this is what you wanted.
  2. ArmA 3 is not the only one using your cpu...
  3. It would make sense if it was the team with most tickets.
  4. why are you using BIS_fnc_MP? No need for that if you are using it to make sure everyone sees the boat moving.... because setVelocity is being synced across the network automatically.
  5. So, what exactly do you want? A trigger for JIP players only? If so, then you are probably making a trigger system that is JIP proof..... In that case, this should help you: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?177483-How-to-ArmA-3-Editor-Creating-a-JIP-Proof-COOP-MP-Mission-Task-Setup
  6. you do not have to believe me. All I know is that I did some really precise testing and simple common sense and it all came down to one thing: ArmA 3 is only using one core.
  7. Issues described by OP, memory write/read issues, game engine calculation issues, game stability issues, multiplayer availability issues, and so on....
  8. This should help you: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Respawn
  9. well, the ArmA 3 engine only uses 1 core. Not more. So cpucount is useless no matter what.
  10. That is what the respawn module does xD If you do not want a respawn option; just remove the respawn module.
  11. double post.... http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?178548-cannot-load-renderworlds-pbo
  12. do not use cpucount and the malloc launch parameter. Especially the malloc one should be removed. It can cause a lot of issues. about the cpucount thing: it is bullshit too. It does not do anything to the performance of ArmA 3. So you might as well remove it.
  13. yes, a JIP player can fire this type of trigger. I assume you want a JIP player to not be able to fire the trigger?
  14. IT07

    Strange Connection Problem

    Never game on wifi :) It is very unreliable and slow....
  15. IT07

    Strange Connection Problem

    Do you have any things in your arma that your friends do not have? Like launch parameters for example.
  16. One thing you can try is replecating the situation but different this time; 1. Connect to a server and play. 2. Disconnect. 3. Do not close arma. 4. Replug the internet cable from your tp-link that goes into your pc. 5. Try and connect to a server and see what happens.
  17. Thank you for clearing this up. I understand what you mean now. Anyways, the credits script I linked to you; it should have the correct safezone numbers which means that it should not fall off the screen. Try using the safeZone values from the script.
  18. I am not sure where you are aiming for. Can you explain a bit more what you are trying to achieve?
  19. You are welcome. ---------- Post added at 15:20 ---------- Previous post was at 15:14 ---------- One other tip: do not put any code inside the isServer check if it is requiring action from a real person. That way, it won't work on a dedicated server. Any other scripts (like for example the one you have) should be fine.
  20. IT07

    Strange Connection Problem

    To explain the problem to you: 1. Cause of the mission file receiving failure: server too busy, sending wrong data. 2. Cause of "no message received" after getting the mission file: server too busy too. (optional) 3. the server might be too busy because of the way the mod is coded? "Hostile takeover" is maybe a mod still in development and buggy?
  21. Yeah well that bloody wiki hasn't helped me either back in the day when I started fitteling with ArmA 2. Most info on it makes it even more complicated than it already is. The only best way to find out how it actually works is to use it yourself. Here; let me show you a script I launched a while back. (it also uses an area in the lower right corner, maybe it will help you find out what is going on) https://gist.github.com/IT07/6210573
  22. In order for the no-cd key thing to work, the server admins are required to disable BE on their server. So practically, a no-cd key server can not have BE enabled.
  23. What is your connection speed? Ping? How many other people are using the same connection? What router? Using LAN or wireless?
  24. Hi mate. I am here to answer all of your questions :) 1. Because there are no (atm) Arma 2 OA servers using the steam network. (that might change soon; gamespy committed suicide) 2. Most servers that are not using BE are servers that either have something better to protect them OR those servers make sure that even hackers that got globally banned can join the server. 3. no-cd key servers are servers that do not check if your CD key is currently in use by another player in the server. Which means that if a hacker stole a game from someone's PC, he will still be able to play on no-cd key servers even if the player he stole it from is on the same server. So yeah, stay really far away from those servers; the chance that you will find a lot of legit players there is pretty small. 4. You are able to join no-cd key servers using DayZ Commander, but they usually have that in their names. So practically, DayZ Commander does not guarentee that every server is safe.
  25. Well it does sound like the mod ruined the files of Altis. Try and verify game cache in steam, see if there are corrupted files. If that does not fix it, you will have to reinstall. Searching for the origin of the error would take longer than redownloading the game.