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  1. Sorry, but this post is bullshit. Should we forget ArmA II and only remember OFP? "Hey Arma III sure has more content than Operation Flashpoint!!" xD. Yeah great.

    No one does this with any other game series, why should we do it with ArmA III? "Yeah the content sucks compared to ArmA II, but hey ArmA II just was too good!"

    Every game series aspires to improve itself with the next iteration, and if it fails people notice. Remember the shitstorm surrounding Dragon Age 2? Perfect example.

    (For people who dont know: Dragon Age 1 had multiple characters, huge story, giant world free to explore. Dragon Age 2 limited the player to one character, and the story only took place in one city and some copy & pasted dungeons. Now its considered a failure, and Bioware promised to do better next time...)

  2. Can someone tell me what happened to that F-16?

    That video is over three years old, but all the Vipers out there still have the old OFP cockpit..



    Oh and why is the arma2base version slightly bigger? Check the files, the config and .pbo files are bigger and newer...

  3. Sorry for the stupid question - But this only works with planes Mando himself added right? Because I have downloaded some planes, and it almost works with none of them :(

    Here is my list:

    F-14 Supertomcat by VectorX96

    F-18 by John_Spartan & Saul

    Eurofighter by RKSL

    MiG-23 by citizensnip

    Su-15 by citizensnip

    Su-22 by Franze, updated by some guys from the Takistani mod

    EDIT: Is there maybe a list for all the planes that work with Mando Missile?

  4. I read somewhere that the CSAT / Iran forces are indeed only placeholders. The only reason we have them is that "something" went wrong, and BIS had to release now, so they just left them.

    I hope we will see an Addon like Arrowhead, but this time it should be called "Iranian Forces" or something, and deliver a nice mix of modern Soviet and Iranian vehicles.

  5. "I want it all, I want it all, 'n I want it NAO"? I am assuming more maturity than this stance would suggest in these forums. Should I not?

    That argument doesnt work. We. Paid. Money. People who buy it now pay even more money. They are customers. But for 60$ they get a castrated game. The "Hey but SURELY missing content will be added at somepoint!" doesnt work in the free market.

    BIS should have delayed.

  6. Isn't BI Simulations close enough conceptually (and physically) to make your denial a tad specific and possibly misleading?

    So he IS working for them or at least one of their associated companies? Oh god Im laughing my ass of here. That explains everything.

    But now back on topic: ArmA III already has a function to add messages to the player when the game starts up. BIS has to use that to address the players and show the a roadmap for upcoming DLCs and content. That should calm a lot of people down (If they have something in petto that is). Just a button like Mass Effect had, where you can look at upcoming stuff.

  7. I can believe it, because I know its true.

    DM...just leave. So far in every thread you made an utter fool of yourself. In every thread I see you you are in the middle of getting destroyed by everyone else. You are either the biggest fanboy ever, stupid, or indeed a BIS employee.

    It really doesnt help your beloved game company when the last guy who actually defends this abysmal release behaves like you.

  8. Fantastic news :D


    Im happy for two reasons. First of course an awesome mod is getting released that helps me over the abysmal ArmA III release.

    But also Im a bit sentimental. CSLA was the first mod I ever took notice of, back when I played Operation Flashpoint as a kid. That was the time when I finally understood what the "Addons" folder did, and what the implications were. I was so excited to tell my friends "Any vehicle you want is on that website and you just download it and put in there and then its in the game!!!111".

    So yeah thanks guys. Thanks for "the blast from the past".

  9. ARMA3 IS a complete product.

    There are games going on right now...

    It just doesn't have all the toys...

    You must be loved by all franchises. "I went to McDonalds and only got two patties when I ordered a BigMac. So what? They surely will deliver the buns & salad later..."

    I think I have to explain it to you again little fanboy. You are not BIS "friend". You are their "customer". Got that? And when a customer PURCHASES something that turns out to be a serious dissappointment due to loack of content, then he has every right to complain.

  10. Since ArmA II Addons seem to work in ArmA III as well, I created an overview of all SAM-related Addons for ArmA II. I also added two ballistic missile launchers to simulate long-range SAMs like the S-300.


    Maybe it helps you guys who look to create SAM sites in ArmA III.

    Argh I forgot the most important one, the SA-2 guideline.


    Download it here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16236

    Its called "Takistani Extension", but they should have called it "SAM and AAA Extension", because it adds a ton of SAMs and anti-aircraft artillery. (SA-2, SA-13, SA-6, S-60...)

  11. I like Life and Wasteland. Especially on Life servers the community is nicer and more normal.

    On the realism servers you often have those douchebags who scream at you because you didnt address them with their correct "rank", and also first you have to install ACE, ACRE, ARGHBARGHL and 500 other mods that make the game more clumsy. I just want to join & play.

  12. The US Military doesn't have variety when it comes to the soldiers weapons.

    This game represents that, perfectly. You have your main assault rifle, and the one and a few squad machine guns and long range rifles.

    This isn't COD. More weapons will come with DLC, free content packs, and mods.

    Yeah fuck variety! Fuck COD and their huge selection of real-life weapons, because having access to many guns is not FUN! Fun is having only one gun and one jeep and one tank!

  13. Im also a bit disappointed by Altis. Its not diverse, no big forests which I always like about Operation Flashpoint and ArmA, no rivers, only desert.

    I think in their desire to create an exact copy of a real island, they unfortunatly copied a rather boring island into the game :D

  14. Hello!

    Im looking for a list of all released soviet jets, in their newest version. I normally look on armedassault.info for addons, but I think I saw a MiG-29 somewhere that wasnt on there.

    So to not take any chance, can you tell me which jets are available in addon form?

    Im talking about stuff like MiG-15, -21, -23, -25, -29 and 35, and of course the Sukhoi family.

    I also cant find this MiG-25 / MiG-31:

    Was it ever released?

    Thanks in advance!