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  1. 5 minutes ago, Bitesrad said:

    Not really that knowledgeable on magpul gear, but arnt Pmags and Emags nearly identical visually? Although Im not really sure if the cool army guys (and those navy dudes) use them.


    Left is Emag, right is Pmag. The Emag is slightly narrower and fits perfectly in 416s and other weapons with tight magwells. But the plain old STANAG is still the most used mag, and would be nice to have :)



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  2. Hey man, i LOVE your work. I use your old pack all the time when taking pics, and i'm really looking forward to the new stuff!
    I saw on your facebook page that you have modeled some open mag pouches with Pmags, but have you considered adding closed pouches? Or open pouches with regular STANAG mags? There are many weapons that can't fit Pmags in them, for instance the HK416. Just a suggestion :)


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